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Be the star of your favourite Netflix series!




You know what’s not cool? Waiting a week to watch your favourite show on TV so you can be bombarded with buzz killing insurance advertisements for the car you don’t have. Continue reading “Be the star of your favourite Netflix series!”

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Experience the Exchange – #AudiA3Exchange

We are three German exchange students who are spending six months abroad in Stellenbosch, South Africa. For us, driving an Audi car definitely means a lot of fun, excitement and adrenaline. But unfortunately, not everyone can experience such an adventure – to afford this kind of luxury, one needs to dig a little bit deeper into one’s pocket.

But Audi wouldn’t be Audi if they couldn’t find a solution to this problem. Continue reading “Experience the Exchange – #AudiA3Exchange”

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Hola amigos! Hold on to your sombreros as Savanna Cider has brought Mexico to South Africa after introducing a special edition to their family, SAVANNA LOCO. Continue reading “CRAVE A LEEEDLE CRAZY”

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Captain the Moment

There comes a time…

Continue reading “Captain the Moment”

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Toast to life with a glass of J.C. Le Roux

The sound of a pop, the taste of bubbles, and the sensation of excitement, it is nothing else other than J.C. Le Roux. Continue reading “Toast to life with a glass of J.C. Le Roux”

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Will Harry Potter Ever Die?

It’s LeviOsa, not LeviosA!

It’s been five years since the boy who lived came to die… Continue reading “Will Harry Potter Ever Die?”

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Release Your Inner Warrior!

It’s time to turn back to nature for what we’ve been missing!
Continue reading “Release Your Inner Warrior!”

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Live that LUSH Life

The crisp early morning air carries the aroma of freshly brewed coffee. Continue reading “Live that LUSH Life”

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Heineken Unbottling Cities’ Secrets

Heineken, a company situated all over the world, is creating new opportunities in the cities you call your home. In the ‘Shape Your City’ campaign you are able to take action yourself. Are you ready for an adventure in your own city?

Continue reading “Heineken Unbottling Cities’ Secrets”

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Every song has it own story

#ThatSongWhen, there is a story behind every song. That song when you went on a road trip, that song when you first kiss or that song when you quit your job. What is your story? Continue reading “Every song has it own story”

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Are you Madly Minty, Notably Nutty or maybe a little more Double Trouble?


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