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Make the positive lifestyle choice!

After a busy day of school, work or gym that has left you exhausted, it is easy to buckle at those temptations and cravings which we all despise. Just the thought of a Burger or chocolate is enough to make you salivate. You then remember that summer is just around the corner. What YOU really need is  Continue reading “Make the positive lifestyle choice!”

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Always: Be Unstoppable #LikeAGirl

Ladies, how do you do things? Like a girl, or like a boss?

When did these two become mutually exclusive?

Always decided they would show girls that they didn’t have to choose between being a girl and being a bad*ss.

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Calvin Klein:Why we are inKLEINed to pick Calvin

It’s Simple.

It’s Elegant.

It’s Seductive.

It’s Fierce.

It can only be Calvin Klein…

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Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii

1000 Years: the Time for 1 Plastic Bag to Decompose

ALOHA everyone,

In April 2017, the non-profit organization Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii teamed up with Pro Surfer Kai Lenny and 5Gyres to execute the first state-wide beach clean-up in Hawaii.

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Urban Decay: Here Comes Trouble…

With the release of Urban Decay‘s latest mascara, Troublemaker, the brand is once again at the forefront of high-end makeup and reminds competitors it is a force to be reckoned with. Continue reading “Urban Decay: Here Comes Trouble…”

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Netflix: Let’s chill

Do you ever sit at home alone or with company, not knowing what to do with yourself? Often letting the conversation run dry because you just have nothing left to talk about? Say goodbye to those awkward moments with entertainment at your fingertips, any place, any time.

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The North Face: Are you mad?

How can you embrace your fear and feel free? When will obsession turn into devotion? Does something that seems mental, become calculated? Will the pain suffered overweight or can you gain a perspective?


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AUDI: Not just a pretty face.

Have you ever thought about a vehicle that would fit you to the tee?

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Frankees: Underwear you wish was outwear

2017, the year of the Rooster. This seems quite fitting Continue reading “Frankees: Underwear you wish was outwear”

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Specialized Bicycles is a brand focussed and driven by their passion for innovation, racing and putting the rider first, and when it comes to designing products from bicycles to helmets, they only have two things in mind: You and Winning.

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Mercedes-Benz: Bringing style back to the streets

Nothing compares to the feeling of sitting behind the wheel of a Mercedes-Benz: the elegance, the comfort, the stunning design. Everything perfectly interacts with each other, resulting in an indescribable emotional experience – only a Mercedes-Benz owner could possibly understand. Continue reading “Mercedes-Benz: Bringing style back to the streets”

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Tesla Motors: The Best Things in Life are Free!

While Tesla Motors may be at the forefront of both today and tomorrow’s most groundbreaking technological advancements in the motor industry they give a different aspect to the age-old saying Continue reading “Tesla Motors: The Best Things in Life are Free!”

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Ultimate Sports Nutrition #challengeyourself

Defined abs, round shoulders, plate chest and perfect symmetry – that’s the body that Ultimate Sports Nutrition sponsored athlete Ryan Terry portrays. Ultimate Sports Nutrition supplements and nutrition products are exactly what Ryan Terry uses to keep on challenging himself and to create the type of physique he presents to his fans and people all around the globe. Continue reading “Ultimate Sports Nutrition #challengeyourself”

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Mrs H.S. Balls Chutney – making South Africa tasty!

logo 2

South Africa’s legendary Mrs H.S. Balls Chutney is turning the taste-buds of South Africans upside down with its never disappointing special taste and heritage!


Mrs H.S. Balls Chutney brags with no less than nine exquisite flavours such as Original, Peach, Chili, Sweet Chili, Jalapeno, Chakalaka, Lite, Hot and Extra Hot. These flavours ensures that Mrs H.S. Balls Chutney caters for everyone in the industry and leaves no one feeling left behind. Continue reading “Mrs H.S. Balls Chutney – making South Africa tasty!”

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Toblerone: from Switzerland with Love

What happens when you combine your favourite chocolate with unconditional love…? Continue reading “Toblerone: from Switzerland with Love”

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The Duchess (Virgin G&T): Lifestyle Liberation




The Duchess Virgin Gin & Tonic is the new girl on the block and is taking the South African adult beverage market by storm.

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I want a pair!

Maties Marketing244

Converse has done well in being the classic brand the has stayed relevant in the market for over 100 years. Converse brings more than a product to the table, they have a well-established connection with their target market. Converse listen more than they talk. With good consumer insight, Converse focuses on having an emotional connection with their consumers. Converse wants people to feel themselves in their shoes. One of their main values is self-expression and creativity.

Converse has used integrated brand promotion to positively influence the market. Through these efforts, Converse has become arguably the most popular pair of sneakers among their target market, who are mainly teenagers, conformists, rebels, aspires, and many more. Converse has developed campaigns that engage the brand with the consumer and showcases the consumers’ creativity and self-expression. The “Made by you” and “Connectivity” campaigns have positioned Converse in a positive yet discriminating manner against competition…

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Samsung: Activ8 The Innovation

In case you missed this 😉

Maties Marketing244

Innovation, Leader, Community, Performance, Quality. Infinite possibilities.

Samsung strives to give its users the best experience possible, how you may ask?
Simple, they continuously go above

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Uber Hungry? UberEATS.

Crave. Tap. Enjoy . The infamous tagline of UberEATs: an innovative, convenient, world-wide service. Now in Stellenbosch. Treat yourself.

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Nando’s: It’s a Clucking Wing-er

Maties Marketing244

Nando’s has proved to the world that food is only as good as the #cheeky story that comes with it – and no one tells a story better than Nando’s, right?. 1.5 million followers can’t be wrong. So have you heard it? 

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SugarBearHair: An internet revelation

Having trouble with dull, lifeless, boring and brittle hair? Tried all of the local and international hair growth products and vitamins and nothing has helped? Feel like you have tried every fool proof salon treatment and hair growth stimulant and pill? If you, with a huge sigh and a disappointment in your voice, have answered “YES” to both of these questions, then there is only one solution. SugarBearHair! It is the first and last answer to all your hair care problems and the all-in-one solution. SugarBearHair is a unique, upcoming and effective hair growth, strengthening and shine product. It will make any girl or guy, of any age, feel like they have brand new hair. This product is ideal for people who use a lot of straighteners, hair dryers and any other heat treatments, such as hair colouring and blow drying. Are you not blessed with thick hair? This is the product for you.

SugarBearHair has taken social media by storm. With many of their clients being the it-girls of high society, SugarBearHair has become well known across the world for its delicious taste and incredible results. Celebrities such as Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian, the queens of social media, have taken over the internet with their love and endorsement of their new, favourite hair gummies, promoting it to both genders and all hair types. Not only does SugarBearHair receive rave reviews from their clients, but their statistics show that the brand has a 4.8 out 0f 5 star average, that 99% of their clients love the taste of SugarBearHair over other vitamins, and that 94% of clients see results within 3 months, so if positive word of mouth isn’t enough to convince potential customers, then the statistics are there to back it up.

Though SugarBearHair is a hair vitamin, many of their clients have shared that the product has not only helped to grow and strengthen their hair, but that their skin and nails have shown drastic quality improvement as well. Excluding appearance, clients have stated that they’ve had improvements in their self-esteem and confidence too, and there’s nothing better than happy, satisfied customers. SugarBearHair has been the world’s number one bestselling hair vitamin online since 2016, and with the continued support of celebrities, positive reviews and fast results, their sales have only increased within the last year. SugarBearHair has helped people all over the world with all their hair needs, from strengthening, preventing fallout, replenishment, growth and even going so far as to help recovering cancer patients to grow their hair back thicker and longer than before treatment.

SugarBearHair is a product that will not only benefit your hair, but your entire appearance and health too. This product will not only stimulate your hair growth, but it will also make your hair healthier and shinier. This product replaces the need for any other salon worthy treatment and will change your hair for the better. You will no longer have to spend thousands on expensive shampoos and conditioners, hair oils, hair treatments and colouring treatments, because this product will function as an all in one. This product will replace any other similar product you have used in the past, but with guaranteed satisfaction and results. Not only does this product work for all hair types and hair colours, but it delivers results faster than you can imagine.



Journey to the Musgrave trading post and see what beauty lies in the past:

Musgrave gin: Modern Gin, Rich History.

Gin is often complimented by the feelings of hot summer days or warm comfortable evenings where the refreshing sip of infused gin just helps one or a group of people to reach a state of tranquillity.

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Virgin Active: Summer bum, here we come!

They’ve shown us that we do not need to be fitness freaks with protein shakes and six packs to get into the gym or start getting active.

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Smirnoff: The world’s best selling premium distilled spirit!

From everyday drinks, to celebratory toast, Smirnoff vodka is the perfect base to any easy hassle free cocktail and companion for a great night out.

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SKOON. Skincare: Science Done Naturally


The average woman exposes herself to 515 chemicals daily through the use of beauty products alone. Ironic, right? Using chemicals to remove other chemicals. The solution? SKOON. The name says it all. A skincare brand that has mastered the art of combining science, nature and beauty without harming animals, the environment, or your wallet.

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Ben & Jerry’s: nIce Cream, Ice Dream!

Welcome to the inspiring and fabulous ice-cream world. Discover Ben & Jerry’s, a beneficial, broad and brilliant brand combining delicious tastes with the mission to “change the world”.

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BMW i – Nothing less than a REVOLUTION!

Reserved Parking For BMW i Only!

Read 7 Ways BMW i uses Integrated Brand Promotion:

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Corona happens to be one of those brands that have perfectly captured the essence of their brand and communicated this to consumers in advertising campaigns that can only be described as a ‘“slice of life”.

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As one of the most iconic sneaker silhouettes of all time, the Converse All Star is a shoe that needs no introduction.  Continue reading “CONVERSE ALL STARS: WHAT THE CHUCK?”

Emirates: The World is Yours

The world is home to over seven billion people scattered across more than 190 countries on seven continents. Emirates Airlines can take you to over eighty of those countries. So, what are you waiting for?

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Cape Town Tourism: Love at First Site

Is there just Norway you’d agree to go to Oslo? Was your trip to Croatia Hvar from satisfactory? Not leaning towards Italy’s Pisa? Can’t afford a trip to France but not willing to settle for the Free State’s Parys? Then set your sites on the seaside city of Cape Town!

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RVCA: Marketing’s Iron Lotus?!

RVCA’s current plan of action is ridiculous, they have gone completely rogue with their marketing approach. Outside the box just isn’t wild enough anymore.

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