How to seize every moment like Messi, Bale, Carter and Sonny Bill ! Here’s to the Takers.

Take the Brand

Adidas is the true global sports brand defining the culture and what sport is about. For years and many years to come, Adidas has one goal. To make athletes better! The adidas brand continuously aims to bring new and innovative products to the market that will help make athletes of any level faster, stronger, smarter, cooler and able to seize any sporting moment. Adidas is a multi-sport specialist that is found where the best meet the best from all over the world. Adidas aims to inspire all athletes competing in Rugby, Cricket, Soccer, Football, Basketball and Athletics just to name a few.

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Take Sport 15 Campaign

Every split second and every moment in sports there is a chance to do the impossible. There is an opportunity for you to redefine yourself. These moments are up for grabs and yours for the taking to be remembered forever.

Adidas integrated marketing campaign: Sport 15 is all about these moment. The campaign is the biggest and most expensive campaign that adidas has done since 2011. Sport 15 is a global long-term series of films that tells brand stories from athletes around the globe, across all adidas sports. The focus of this campaign is all about sports and the shared passion.

“Sport 15 is more than a campaign. Sport 15 is a long-term investment into our brand. adidas has a longer legacy in every sport than any of our competitors. Therefore, we know sport and athletes better than anyone else.” 

Throughout 2015, Sport 15 will tell brand stories that motivate and inspire young athletes to be the best that they can be at any level of any sport around the globe. The films showcase that the best athletes have the ability to use all of their experiences, good or bad, to empower them for the future. Adidas aim to touch and excite consumers emotionally. Inspiring athletes, igniting their passion and winning the confidence of young athletes by demonstrating a brand that understands them.

  • To elevate the communication of the campaign adidas started off with the 30 sec and 60 sec advertisements “Take It” (posted) and Takers (link below) to launch Sport 15.
  • Athletes that are Taking Today with Adidas are: NBA stars Damian Lillard (Portland Trail Blazers), Joakim Noah, Derrick Rose (both Chicago Bulls), American football player DeMarco Murray(Dallas Cowboys) and adidas football icons Gareth Bale (Real Madrid), Lionel Messi (FC Barcelona), James Rodriguez (Real Madrid), Luis Suarez (FC Barcelona) and Richie McCaw, Sonny Bill Williams and Dan Carter (All Blacks).


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Take The Target Market

Adidas produces new and innovative high-end sports equipment and accessories for athletes that want the best on the market. Adidas aims to make athletes perform that fraction better than their competitors with the help of their products.

Adidas main target market and focus with the Sport 15 campaign are athletes that are:

  • Athletes of all levels mostly between the ages of 10 and 35.
  • Young aspiring athletes.
  • Middle to upper-class incomes.
  • Athletes in all sports of all levels.
  • Non-athletes inspired by sports.
  • Original and Fashionable active people. 
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Take Communications

The Sport 15 campaign will mainly be communicated via broadcasts on television, in cinemas and major sporting events. Adidas communicates with their consumers and increases brand awareness by strategically releasing the films across all social media platforms. Adidas communications and promotions aim to always be live with the consumer whether it be with broadcast, digital or in the social atmosphere.

At the centre of social media is the adidas global network of newsroom.

What are Adidas Newsrooms?

  • Found in Herzogenaurach, London, Portland, Shanghai, Moscow and Rio de Janeiro.
  • Built to be local, to know the insights, understand the consumer and to capture the moments of the adidas consumers to truly activate the brand.

Adidas is obsessed with sports. They plan on relentless communications across all platforms of promotions about sports with very limited interruptions.

Take Today and Be Remembered

The Sports 15 elevates adidas communications to the next level by taking today and making it great. Adidas communications in 2015 and beyond aims to be LOUD AND ALWAYS LIVE. This is achieved by:

  • Celebrating sports in the campaign with no interruptions by making every moment of every game an adidas Take It moment.
  • Live and interactive global newsrooms on all social media platforms.
  • Active campaign global and local.
  • The Campaign inspires and motivates athletes to Take every moment.
  • Sport 15 campaign is global for all athletes of all sports at any level.
  • Includes the greatest sporting icons and everyday athletes globally and locally.

Adidas believes that good communications comes from telling the right stories but also telling them frequently. Adidas Sport 15 is loud, continues and aggressive in communications by always being live with the consumer. Adidas is always in front of the consumer showing that they understand you and will enable you to perform no matter your level or choice of sport.

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What will you Take ? Sport 15 Campaign
What will you Take ? Sport 15 Campaign Source-