Zara’s latest Spring/Summer campaign will have you swinging from palm trees and sliding on sunbeams into pools of soft silk, rich velvet and delicate chiffon!

If you haven’t seen the latest YouTube video featuring the new campaign (Zara Woman Campaign – Spring Summer 2016) , you’re missing out on a magical experience! Prepare to have your mind blown away…

Pure magic, right? Dresses fluttering softly in the wind, oversized shirts in shades of the ocean, tiny flower prints against olive green fields… That’s right, Zara’s styles and colours succeed in perfectly encapsulating the tranquility of nature, once again!

Let’s take it back a notch

Ever since Amancio Ortega established the luxury fashion emporium in Spain in 1974, his empire has expanded to the shores of 88 countries worldwide. Today, Zara boasts a total nearing 6500 stores and has become the go-to brand for fashion-lovers and trend-followers. Surprised? You shouldn’t be. Zara commits itself first and foremost to providing their customers with the latest, cutting-edge fashions as soon as the trend hits! Just look at this fun tassel top and cute shorts from a few seasons ago…


You don’t remember seeing this? That’s because it was only shelved for two weeks. Let us explain: Imagine a world where the custom-made designer dress Kate Middleton wore yesterday, appears in store today… We live in that world, thanks to Zara. A “fast fashion” business model underlies their operations, allowing trends and styles to be translated into products and delivered to stores twice a week! Ortego is, after all, famous for his view on clothes as a “perishable commodity” – used and adored, and discarded a few days later, much like Marie Antoinette’s view on shoes… Oh, what a luxurious world we live in!

Our zeal for Zara

Zara, the Silent Brand, does not believe in advertising, leaving the clothes to do all the talking. And boy, does it talk! It talks of high quality fabrics and meticulously designed prints. It talks of styles that complement all shapes and sizes. It talks of fulfilling your true fashion persona’s deepest desires and maintaining your hip, up-to-date self… That’s why we love Zara! How beautiful are these natural styles and neutral colours?


Even though their target-market is narrowed to middle- and higher-income groups and intended for ages 4 to 40, if your heart beats for the latest street fashions, Zara will not disappoint, irrespective of your age. With fashion ranges like “Monday to Friday” (for the busy bodies), “Capsule collection” (for the little ones), “Punk Romance” (for the hard-core leather-lovers) and “Oversize-me” (for your true hippie, laidback self), you’re bound to find something that ticks to your beat.

The 2016 Spring/Summer campaign

Twice a year, Zara launches a seasonal campaign via YouTube. The 2016 Spring/Summer campaign featured at the top of this article captures Zara’s zest to a T. This campaign is specifically intended for female yuppies, aged 4 to 40.

In addition to reflecting the latest trends and fashions, Zara perfectly weaves a timelessness and sophistication into all their designs. Furthermore, the neutrality and earthiness evident in both the materials and styles, grounds Zara without ever seeming boring or old-fashioned.

The idea of the campaign is to form a cohesive picture of the brand. The subtle instrumental soundtrack, natural background and lack of storyline allows for viewers’ attention to be drawn to the clothes. This no-frills approach once again emphasises their belief in letting the clothes do all the talking.

In a modest attempt to capture but a fraction of Zara’s true zest (trendiness balanced with raw sophistication), we compiled a short collection from our own photoshoot featuring some of their older styles for your viewing pleasure:




No advertising, you say?

Well…not entirely. It is true that Zara’s marketing efforts do not even begin to measure up with the industry standard. However, they do publish basic print advertisements in some of the leading fashion magazines, including:

  • Vogue
  • Elle
  • Cosmopolitan
  • Marie Claire
  • Glamour

Additionally, to keep the public informed on the latest trends and fashions, they rely on social media sites such as:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest

Their written posts are typically short and sweet statements with the sole purpose of informing, whilst their imagery conveys the unembellished, yet magical feel of the brand. We simply love that the absence of abundant and extravagant promotion tools is exactly what reinforces Zara’s nonconforming, trendy and utterly unique brand image!

FotorCreated 2.jpg


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*All photos used in this article are completely original – coordinated, modeled and photographed by students!