The Red Wings Project

The Red Wings Project is a non-profit organisation aimed at restoring the dignity of young women throughout South Africa by providing them with sanitary pads that they could otherwise not afford.

But what do we mean by ‘restore dignity?’

Kenyan schoolgirls receiving sanitary pads to help them stay in school (Read more).

2.1 million young women across South Africa do not have access to sanitary products. There are countless negative effects associated with this. The Red Wings Project aims to relieve these effects as much as possible by providing sanitary products to disadvantaged women who simply cannot afford them.

This video explains how big the problem currently is.

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Did you know / awareness?

  • VAT is charged on sanitary products (can you imagine?)
  • Young girls skip school for a week every month during menstruation because they don’t have pads or tampons (that’s almost 3 MONTHS A YEAR!)
  • Many girls drop out of school because they can’t handle the humiliation
  • Women opt for contraceptive injections that contain hormones to stop them from menstruating

What the Red Wings Project does (Events)


  • Fiction Nightclub, in Cape Town, regularly hosts an event called Girls Just Want To Have Fun. The beneficiary is The Red Wings Project, with R5 of every entrance fee donated to the pad drive. This event is an exciting place for people to celebrate and empower women, as well as create awareness for this pertinent issue, in a fun way.
  • Pad drives are hosted at various places and the public is encouraged to donate. The Red Wings Project also sometimes sets the entrance fee as a pack of pads, so every guest has to donate. This is an innovative way of increasing pad donations while encouraging people to enjoy themselves for a good cause!



The website provides a host of information about the objectives and goals of the initiative as well as how YOU can get involved.

Social Media

The Red Wings Project reaches its targets through the use of social media. Their Facebook presence is great. It is consistently updated to keep the supporters of the Project well informed. Give their Facebook page a follow.

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One last thought…

What if you had to pay for air?

A rand for a breath?

Half the country would probably pass out or choke to death. CRAZY! But that’s speaking hypothetically, in the real world we all enjoy the benefits of free oxygen.

Half the country would probably pass out or choke to death. CRAZY! But that’s speaking hypothetically. In the real world we all enjoy the benefits of free oxygen.

Now, imagine a country where hygiene was a reflex, sanitation was a right and all men and women were equally educated about their bodies. Many don’t imagine this as an actual possibility in the world today, however, RWP sees this as SA in a few years. Read on to understand the RWP mission.

The Red Wings Project hosts physical activities like marathons and sports tournament during the process of distributing pads. According to RWP, woman empowerment does not come with only elevating and convincing individuals through cheap talk but women need to understand and feel the power they possess within them.

The RWP does this by educating girls through camps, and school talks. It is the RWP’s contention that women have the right not to see menstruation as a burden or unfair characteristic to human nature.

By donating sanitary pads and appealing to men during the process, we can encourage our nation to understand what is actually #WORTHBLEEDINGFOR 

RWP PandG.jpg
Large companies like P&G are also getting involved in Pad drives! (Read more).

If you would like to donate, sign the petition or become a volunteer for the Red Wings Project, you can do so here.   

Check out our video explaining the cause!

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