Rolex is a luxury wristwatch brand that was first established in 1905. Since then the brand has become one of the most sought after watch brands in the world, pioneering in both innovation and design. Rolex famously produced the first waterproof watch namely the “Oyster”, as well as the perpetual rotor self-winding mechanism.




The IBP Campaign:

Rolex recently launched a smart and innovative new IBP campaign called “Rolex and Icons”, where Rolex used numerous platforms such as television, social media and event sponsorship to showcase all of the famous stars and athletes sponsored by Rolex, using their products. Within this campaign Rolex also created a brand new Facebook page and set up a YouTube channel for their brand.

The message from this new campaign is that “this guy was famous and influential, and he wore a Rolex.” Due to the rich history of Rolex they have a large database of extremely famous people who were Rolex consumers. Not using this to promote their brand would be a tragedy!

rolex 3.jpg

Although this campaign does not showcase any of Rolex’s new products they as a brand understand that they do not only require advertising for their new watches, but that they require advertising to promote their brand just as much. And seeing as Rolex has one of the best and richest histories amongst competitors, why not?

With this campaign Rolex also seeks to ignite the “goose bump feeling” in consumers when they watch the videos. By creating this effect consumers who already possess a Rolex would feel proud and excited about their own time piece, thus motivating them to unconsciously inspire more and more consumers to join the Rolex club.


Who is the target market?


 Generally Rolex is a very expensive and luxurious product, thus their target market consists mainly of older, more established consumers and upper class consumers who are not afraid of a large price tag. With this campaign Rolex strives to further grip their current target market as well as reach out to the younger population. By becoming more present on social media and creating a YouTube channel, Rolex seeks to penetrate the more youthful crowd. If Rolex is successful at this endeavor they would control much larger market share and thus become an even bigger brand than the already are.


The promotion tools for the IBP campaign:


Throughout the course of this campaign Rolex used numerous platforms and tools in order to promote and create awareness of the brand and its products. For example:

  • Rolex created a brand new Facebook page just for the particular add campaign.
  • They also set up their first ever YouTube channel where all the videos from the campaign were posted.
  • Rolex ran numerous television commercials with the different videos of the campaign.
  • Rolex also sponsored numerous events using the new campaign, for example Formula one sponsorship.



I don’t know about you guys, but after seeing the advertisement and the various promotions o the “Rolex and Icons” campaign I for one am certainly going to start saving up for my own personal Rolex luxury time piece!