And here is why…


Zana is a trendy, fun, happy international brand that is on everyone’s want list lately. If you would like to fit in and feel trendy, this is the product you need.

The Brand

The brand started with a with local Capetonian mother and daughter duo, Sue and Robyn Britz, in 2012. Sue has years of experience in printing and production while Robyn’s focus is on the branding, graphic design and online elements.  The business originated from a home garage and was a side job, while Sue and Robyn were working full time. Zana first listed their products on Etsy, a global market place for creatives, and before they knew it the demand for Zana’s products were growing and so was their business. This led to the successful company they are today.


Currently, Zana’s team consists out of 7 people who work from a studio in Woodstock, Cape Town. This is where they do the sewing, prototyping, packaging, creating and so much more. From the studio, the products get distributed to +- 50 stores worldwide which includes:

  • Online store
  • Brick-and- Mortar stores
  • Pop up stores

Zana is a family business and Sue and Robyn wanted the brand name to be special and have meaning. The name Zana comes from an old family nickname. Sue’s full name is Suzanne and was called “Zana” as a child. The brand name is short, sweet, catchy and easily pronounced.

The Target Market

Zana’s target market is mainly aimed at women. These products appeal to a broad age group and people with different interests. If you are a plant lover, Zana has the perfect pot plant holder. If you want your pooch to sleep comfy, go have a look at Zana’s website. If you want your baby to sleep trendy and stylish, put one of Zana’s products in your gift registry. Zana’s products can be seen as the perfect gift to any friend, boyfriend, girlfriend, mother, mother-in-law, grandmother and even your cat or dog. Don’t forget that it is the perfect gift for your other half.

Zana Promotion

Zana does not have store like most businesses, which makes a Zana gift even more unique than what it already is. Due to the fact that they do not have a Zana store itself, they have an online store and a few stores that sell their products. The best way Zana could reach their consumers, were through means of social media, such as Instagram, Facebook, blog posts and newsletters. Zana has a fun and quirky way of communicating with their consumers. If we caught your attention thus far about Zana, please go have a look for yourself.

Zana has also featured in various media press like Fairlady, Elle, Glamour, Garden & Home, House & Leisure, The Sunday Times and plenty more. Zana has recently landed a purchase order with Paper Sources, which is an American based company. Can they even get better? The answer is yes, since they give you the opportunity to learn how to screenprint.

 Zana Workshops

As an online store, Zana hardly gets to put faces to client names. With the workshops, Zana gets to meet and engage with their buyers and people interested in the brand. At the workshops you can learn all about the different types of fabric printing and their strengths and limitations. You will screen print and learn about fabric and different techniques. You will screen print using your own professional screens and print from your own design which you will sketch and carve, basically like a professional.

Now you know all about Zana and why it is a must have product, time to cuddle under the covers with your Zana linen.

So go on, treat yourself!



*All images supplied by Zana Products