The Driving Force of Mobility

Every person is unique, and so are the brands of the BMW Group and the products and services they offer. Everything about the brands is designed to transform customers’ dreams into reality, today and in the future. The BMW Group and its brands enable moving moments, individual and unique.

Harold Krȕger,(Chairman of the Board of Management BMW AG), once said,”We combine emotion, design and heritage with the promise of high quality.” With its brands, the BMW Group is one of the world’s leading premium manufacturers of automobiles and motorcycles and also provides premium financial and mobility services.

The uniqueness behind BMW


BMW M   –The most Powerful Letter in the World.

Recently BMW released its digital-first campaign for the new BMW M2 Coupe and enlisted model Gigi Hadid in an interactive 360 degree film. The film, which debuted on YouTube and Facebook, was directed by Marc Forster.

The spectacular one-shot stunt – captured in a single uncut tracking shot – was filmed at an airfield in California’s Mojave Desert .

This campaign was unlike anything in automotive history. An Instagram handle was hidden in the camouflage on the front bumper of the M2 that was revealed in teasers. M2 enthusiasts spotted the handle and found the secret Instagram account that remained camouflaged until the reveal.

Enthusiasts got the first look of the M2 on the track in action at the BMW M driving center in Spartanburg. This  reached over 5,000 viewers for the 10 minute live reveal. The exciting film, which was released exclusively on YouTube and Facebook in April 2016 , invites viewers to play a very different kind of “shell game”:

  1. The ‘game’ starts with supermodel Gigi Hadid climbing into one of three parked BMW M2 Coupes;.
  2. from then on, the viewer tries to keep track of Gigi and her BMW M2 Coupe.
  3. Within a short space of time, two more BMW M2 Coupes join in and a fast-paced vehicle choreography begins – making the task virtually impossible.
  4. At the end of the drive, all five M2 Coupes come to a halt and the viewer has to identify which car Gigi Hadid is in.
  5. If the player picks the right BMW M2 Coupe, the campaign’s sophisticated digital architecture leads into the digital BMW M2 Coupe showroom of the BMW sales company in the player’s country.

                                             Keep your eyes on Gigi here:

Source : Youtube/BMWUSA

Uwe Dreher, head of International Brand Communications ,for  BMW M.  said; “Gigi and the M2 are the perfect match: Both are strong personalities with fascinating charisma.”

BMW  M2  attracts  millennials.

The target market for the BMW M2 is a younger family audience, for people that have just started families and need a bit of extra space but also want something a bit sportier and more youthful. The BMW M2 is of course a true BMW  and represents : genuine sports cars, advanced engineering for unmatched power and of course  performance history. This means that the brand will still target the traditional high performance and advance engineering seekers,but now adds the younger generation’s sporty preferences .

Cruising down the street

Source: Original photo

Picking the fruits of a successful campaign.

This was the first-ever Periscope automotive launch outside of an auto show and the first time multiple cameras were used in the industry. The numbers proved success from the enthusiast base:

  •  Over 14 million views on You Tube
  • 5,000 Periscope viewers on the live reveal
  • 65,000 Periscope hearts – Social followers added: 3000
  • 48,000 social engagements
  • Total Campaign Impressions: 16.6 MILLION
  • The “digital-first” approach preferred for the first time for “Eyes on Gigi” also benefited from Hadid’s strong social media presence. With 16.1 million subscribers on Instagram, nearly 1.9 million followers on Twitter and aproximately 2.6 million fans on Facebook, Hadid is extremely successful in this area.
  • Twitter claimed “without a shadow of a doubt that this is the best Auto product reveal we have seen on Periscope.”