Are you Madly Minty, Notably Nutty or maybe a little more Double Trouble?


The iconic Cadbury purple – Pantone 2685c to be exact – has not always been what it is today.

The story of Cadbury’s birth is an interesting one – dating back almost 200 years to 1824 – when John Cadbury opened his first grocer shop in Birmingham, UK, selling – among other items – cocoa and drinking chocolate.

Fast forward a few odd centuries and Cadbury has become the second largest confectionary company globally – with one of its biggest chocolate manufacturers situated in Port Elizabeth.

Cadbury has expanded their Dairy Milk SA range to include 10 flawless flavours – from the very brilliant Biscuit to the fanciful Fruit & Nut. It’s safe to say that whatever your chocolate preference may be, Cadbury’s Dairy Milk range has got you covered.


  • The first Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate bar was launched back in 1905
  • There are 350 million bars sold each year – that’s almost 1 million Dairy Milk bars per day!
  • Cadbury Dairy Milk’s Gorilla ad took the Grand Prix Award in Film at the Cannes Lions in 2008

Cadbury Dairy Milk’s “Free the Joy” philosophy is a verbal portrayal of everything the brand believes in: happiness, quality & fulfilment through a simple bar of well-crafted chocolate – the dream of achieving “a Cadbury in every pocket”.

Their joy-seeking attitude has shaped their joy-promotion outlook since 2012 with “Welcome to Joyville”, and now “What Flavour is your Flavour”.


The “What Flavour is your Flavour” campaign is Cadbury’s way of bringing all of Dairy Milk’s flavours to life – reminding people that there is a flavour for everyone!

With playful “joycons”, Cadbury Dairy Milk has modernized its packaging to provide personality to each flavour.

“It’s time to stand up for your favourite flavour and fight for its cause! If there’s a flavour you haven’t yet tried, now’s the time to try it! We want to hear Crunchie fans going crazy for their favourite, Peppermint fans getting passionate about their block and Rocky Road lovers getting rowdy to show their friends and family which flavour should reign supreme. Let the battle commence!”

–              Steve Chantry, Cadbury head of marketing.

With all the available Dairy Milk flavours to choose from, even the most assertive of individuals might feel overwhelmed. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a type of “Harry Potter Sorting Hat” – a sort of guilty pleasure matchmaker…?

Meet Cadbury’s Joy Generator – a vending machine-like creation that matches you with your ultimate Cadbury Dairy Milk flavour based on your Facebook profile.

Who would’ve thought that your Facebook profile can be used to determine your chocolate soulmate?

The Joy Generator
The Joy Generator, Source: Own Photo

The Joy Generator caused a rage of chit-chat on social media – through Cadbury’s Facebook page, a fun YouTube video, and Joy Generator activations across all the major cities in South-Africa.

South African bloggers and Facebook users, eager to share the identity of their chocolate true love, caused a (sugar) rush of the public wanting to find their Sweetie too.

Twitter and Instagram did not miss out on any of the hype as #WhatsYourFlavourSA tags and tweets filled our media feed and sparked every chocoholic’s cocoa need.


For Cadbury, it’s never just been about chocolate – the brand has become a party regular, a sneaky office snack and even a Band-Aid for an aching heart.

The brand has been engraved in most people’s childhoods with old and young alike reaching for the purple packaging on the local grocer’s confectionary shelf.

Cadbury is a brand for all.

A brand that, no matter your demographics, will have a chocolate companion just for you!

Through Cadbury’s “What Flavour is your Flavour”-campaign, the iconic chocolate reached the hands of a more ambitious and tech savvy audience – proving once again, that their chocolate can bring people together, bring joy!

Bringing Joy
Bringing Joy, Source: Own Photo

If you missed the Joy Generator activation, don’t worry! You can find your chocolate soulmate via Cadbury’s virtual speed dating option.

What’s YOUR flavour?

Comment below and let us know which flavour should reign supreme!