“Our purpose and vision revolves around transforming people’s lives”

The past life of FUTURELIFE

In 2008 FUTURELIFE began as a social project to help improve the lives of disadvantaged people in sub-Saharan Africa. They wanted to create a product that is nutritional, has a low cost and that are very convenient. The products contain the highest quality of ingredients that comes from other parts of the world. It took a research team, made up of doctors and nutrition’s, two years to develop a product with all these advantages. FUTURELIFE became so popular with everyone who received it that it was put on the market for all South Africans.


The various products of FUTURELIFE are:


smart-brown-bread-front-render               Futurelife-High-Protein-Peanut-Butter-Crunch-Bar-50g-6009801741048.jpgfuture_life_crunch

medias.jpg      smartdrink_caramel.png   futurelife-smart-shaker



Futurelife-Smart-Oats-Chocolate-Flavour-Cereal-500g-6009879924213.jpg           futurelife-high-protein-peanut-butter-crunch-bar-50g-6009801741048

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Target market 

FUTURELIFE decided to target a market of different people who have one goal in common: a healthy, more balanced lifestyle. The target market varies from fit sportsmen, mothers taking care of their family, diabetics, cancer survivors and people with multiple sclerosis.


FUTURELIFE Protein Bar Light





Our very own UFO

In 2015 FUTURELIFE combined with Clover to introduce the new Smart Drink. Joe Public created an extensive launch campaign with Clover and FUTURELIFE to grab consumers’ attention for their latest on the go snack called Smart Drink, “Drink of the future”.

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The campaign started with videos and pictures of an UFO through Twitter and Facebook. The social media accumulated enough interest and attention that #UFOSA became the number one trending hashtag in South Africa. At 4:00 am the morning after the social media buzz, a crash landing of the UFO and a media launch took place in Sandton.

Video:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qxD7Rh_bGGM

Fun facts of the FUTURELIFE Smart Drink


Putting FUTURELIFE out there

During the #UFOSA campaign, FUTURELIFE used mainly one brand promotion tool: social media. Social media is one of the biggest pastimes in our lives today. When the campaign started and people saw the UFO signs, they immediately started to post on social media. The social media that were used included Facebook, Twitter, YouTube. The choice of this brand promotion tool was very clever, because the #UFOSA reached people in South Africa that weren’t even near the actual happening.

This social media buzz caused that many people were aware of the new FUTURELIFE and Clover drink and they were curious to try it out.


Aftershock of the UFO

The campaign caused that many consumer were curious to find out what this product is. Everyone using social media like Twitter, knew about this campaign and the FUTURELIFE Smart drink. Even if the consumer didn’t go and buy the product immediately, they all knew about the product now and that is exactly what FUTURELIFE and Clover wanted.



–     “Our purpose and vision revolves around transforming people’s lives”