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Instagram: What is that?

From snapping a photo with friends on your phone, choosing a filter to hide those unwanted blemishes, to uploading a video to boast about a life we want our friends to believe we have!

Oh, stop acting – of course you know!


Instagram is an online photo and video sharing social networking service that allows their users to share their personal posts publicly or privately, however they prefer!


There isn’t really a point in explaining this to you though, because everyone knows that Instagram is a fun, unique way to share your adventurous life with friends and well, ANYONE in the world who cares about what you are posting about!


Although, this highly sought after app is only 6 years old, it still manages to be as popular as it is with 500 million users worldwide, proving just how “small” social media can actually make the world feel! You still want to tell me you don’t know what Instagram is?


How do we reach more people? Get more “likes”? Get more followers? Find relatable posts? This is easy, make use of Hashtags. This is the placing of tags in the captions of your posts and this allows other users who search, to access your photos.

What do we really mean? Well, let’s for instance say, you add a photo of the beach and physically hashtag, “#beach”. Anyone who does performs an Instagram search for beaches will be able to see your photo and therefore your profile. Effective? That’s what we thought!


Source: Own photo


Instagram may very well be responsible for making “selfies” a thing. “A ‘selfie’ is when the photographer is also the subject of the photograph”. Some may ask how this is classified as a good thing and a simple response to these ‘haters’ can quite simply just be SELF-CONFIDENCE.

Who runs the Gram?

That’s easy… Women!


Instagram is an app with a distinct and exclusive target market. Generation X and Millennials are the main target of Instagram as the mobile phone is constantly attached to their hip – a benefit for Instagram! As mentioned, of the 500 active million users, more than half of Instagram users are teens as well as 20-somethings. 


Okay so… men and gender-fluid folks find Instagram to be an excellent option to share photos and videos with friends too. However, women are more obsessed with it!

“Young women dominate Instagram and visual platforms in general. Instagram gives you the power to modify your appearance in a way that’s practically on par with makeup and other beauty products,” said Rachel Simmons

The platform has thousands of profiles that consists of:

  • fashion
  • design
  • beauty
  • businesses
  • food
  • memes
  • news/latest gossip media

that appeal to women. No wonder the app is a HIT among women.



You’re probably thinking, huh? What is this Insta-meet you speak of?


Picture this: You’re chilling on a blanket, devouring local Venezuelan food on a tranquil farm in Mérida, learning new techniques and chatting away with like-minded people you have just met. Sounds way to cool to be true, right? Well, don’t be so quick to think so because Instagram has launched a new campaign called the Insta-meet Project and it is easy to get involved!

The Insta-meet campaign is a project that encourages Instagram users from all around the world to meet, create content together to upload on their personal accounts and to share their photography ideas, techniques and experiences with one another.

Processed with Snapseed.
Picnic Style Insta-meet happening from 17th-18th September in Venezuela.

Instagram chose to launch Insta-meet on their own account first by posting a series of coordinated brand advertisements that effectively communicate the new feature, then started spreading the news via other social media platforms such as Facebook and Google. Instagram users promoted the new feature without the intention where ultimately the pictures/videos that they uploaded onto their accounts displayed Insta-meet to the public, eventually starting a trend via influencer marketing.

Below are some Insta-meets that have occurred recently. Why not get involved, it’s an excuse to get out and about!

Positive aspects about thscreen-shot-2016-09-13-at-1910e Integrated Brand Promotion that was chosen was that it was essentially quite simple. Instagram launched via mobile marketing, the first Insta-meet by making a post about it, with Instagram being the most followed account on Instagram, it wasn’t too long before word of mouth had spread! Through interactive marketing and public relations, this new free trend has allowed people to connect from across the world and share their experiences with one another!