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Happy Socks is a relatively new brand that was established in 2008 in Sweden. The brand was brought about by two friends, Viktor Tell and Mikael Soderlindh, that were seeking to spread happiness through the socks and underwear, as well as the bright and vibrant colours and patterns on them. Happy Socks can be bought across a wide range of 70 countries throughout the world and on every continent.
The brand strives for high quality not only with the products being sold but also on the designated webpage. They ensure that the best materials and sharpest designs are used for the products that are produced- with the help of some of the best designers and artists they are able to make this possible.
Happy Socks for the first time in the existence of the brand has gone on a world tour to show case the new collection, thus showing how the brand has developed over the years. Going from Stockholm to Los Angeles and to Tokyo.
The brand has taken part in many collaborations with some of the biggest companies, artists, sports teams, designers, and photographers in their designated industries. The collaborations have been to support certain campaigns and foundations. Each of these collaborations are different from one another showing how versatile the brand is and how they are willing to go the extra mile in order to provide customers with the finest.


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The brands latest campaign shot by David LaChapelle, featured naked dancers jumping around California with nothing but socks on their bodies. The cheeky tone and brightly-printed, lust-worthy socks are just what the consumers have come to think of the brand. The idea behind this campaign was to focus solely on the dancers and their brightly coloured socks, with a happy feeling in the air created by the dancers. A sense of joy was attached to the socks through the campaign, and the nude dancers encouraged consumers to break out of the norm and be free with their style.


The target audience for the campaign is very versatile. Socks can be found on pretty much anyone – hipsters, business people, fashionistas and fashionistos, as well as the sneaker lovers. The campaign targeted both men and woman from ages 18 to 35 specifically. This is due to the fact that younger, working generations are more active in seeking new fashion trends that bring about a youthful and stylish look.


The promotional tools used for this advertising campaign were:

  • Dedicated webpages
  • Social Media
  • Use of celebrities, designers and photographers
  • YouTube channel

Even though not many promotional tools have been used for the David LaChapelle campaign it has been done in such a unique way that it is still drawing such a big audience. The different types of social media used were Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat- these social media platforms will create a good name for the campaign and create a lot of attention for the brand.
Through these promotional tools Happy Socks has still been able to reach a variety of different audiences and have been able to promote the brand in a successful and entertaining manner.


The Happy Socks campaign is said to have been “the best sock ad campaign ever”. The company’s success has resulted in their product being available in more than 7000 top fashion apparel boutiques in more than 70 different countries. The first pair of Happy Socks was sold August 20th 2008. Since then, more than 15 million pairs have been sold.

Consumer inspired by David LaChapelle’s Campaign


A #HappyCrew member enjoying his new purchase


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