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The ‘We Are Original’ campaign exhibits that Levi’s is about more than just jeans. It is about creating an individual style for every consumer through offering a range of products to meet every need. Thus allowing consumers to recreate themselves using a brand that carries memories, adventures and moments. It creates the feeling of confidence and acceptance as well as self-expression in a society that is harshly judged by critics.

In 1873 Levi’s created the iconic blue jean we all know and wear today. It has then since developed a wide range of jeans to keep up with the forever changing and fast paced world we live in. Although trends have come and gone and even come around again, Levi’s original 501 has stood steady in the hearts of many consumers. Levi’s apparel carries the stories of those who wear them, as their experiences and adventures become embedded within the fabric. These are truly more than just jeans.

Not All Heroes Wear Capes, Some Wear Levi’s®.

If you are currently in your twenties then this campaign should speak to you more than anyone else. Seeing as though Levi’s decided to redefine their target market they had to re-position the way in which to communicate with them. Levi’s decided to use a wide range of methods to attract your attention. These are mostly social media sites such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. The reason why they have chosen social media is to connect with you in the most convenient way possible, as they have identified the information consumption patterns of this generation. Levi’s uses specific TV channels such as MTV to show their commercials in between popular programs. The ‘We Are Original’ campaign makes use of prominent and popular figures within South Africa to create strong significance with the consumer. These idols are Maitele Wawe, Twiggy Moli and Siya Beyille.

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 We Are Original – Levi’s®. Original jeans. Original people.

Levi’s constantly tries to reiterate the concept of individuality and has done so by recently collaborating with Superbalist to launch the ‘We Are Original’ campaign in South Africa. They created a platform where you could share your unique Levi’s story and style on any social media platform using the hashtags #WeAreOriginal and #LiveInLevis. ‘We Are Original’ showcases what a major impact Levi’s has made on people’s lives even as far as passing on these items from generation to generation.  This campaign demonstrates connecting people from all walks of life across borders, cultures and trends regardless of their lifestyles and experiences. This proves to consumers that no matter who you are, may it be an engineer or a musician, your Levi’s become a part of your identity.

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A Style For Every Story

Your first instinct when buying a pair of jeans differs from person to person; whether it is the fit and shape of the jeans, the feel of the fabric, the price on the tag or the name it comes with. Embracing diversity and originality in their wide variety of denim styles, Levi’s presents many different fits.

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By offering the many choices as well as a custom tailoring stall in every store, Levi’s caters to every need of their consumer. This results in increased satisfaction and brand loyalty from consumers which is what every competitor of Levi’s envies.

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