Aren’t you tired of drinking bad coffee every day?

What if you could enjoy amazing free coffees and treats every so often? -Now you can!


Since the establishment of My Brew Coffee Roastery in 2012, bad coffee is a thing of the past. The constant queue makes it safe to say that this take-away coffee shop has taken not only Stellenbosch University’s Neelsie by storm, but also Technopark and Somerset West with a fourth on its way. Pioneered by Frederick Kruger- one of the friendly faces you will encounter whilst visiting the infamous ‘pod’- My Brew has quickly become a preferred brand by many as a result of quick-service, friendly staff, affordable prices, and most importantly GREAT COFFEE.

Not only are a range of drinks available from warm to iced, but also a variety of sweet treats for that nagging sweet tooth- with a favourite being the Oreo Surprise Cupcake– and for those healthy handful of you, health bars and herbal teas are also on offer.

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The delectable treats on offer at My Brew (Source: Own)

Affordable prices allow for middle-ranged income, on-the-go, coffee crazy consumers to satisfy their caffeine cravings at My Brew. Yet, the brand does not focus on merely the satisfaction of taste buds, but also an experience worth repeating. Each blissful barista refers to each other as “My Brew”- a true South African spin on the word “bru” which is a term used to bring about a sense of comradeship among people- and Frederick will ensure that he learns your name if you are a regular. The brand’s vibrant red pod-like store situated in the Neelsie, as well as the uniformly dressed baristas, are other features of My Brew’s unique experience that the brand has to offer. Additionally, the clever “Since Yesterday” slogan, assures customers that the beans in their cup are freshly roasted and bursting with flavour.

License to Fill” is the logic behind a brilliant new My Brew campaign: gorgeous limited edition travel-mugs in the customer’s colour choice and slogan print is definitely not to be missed out on. My Brew has teamed up with a local radio station to promote the special offers related to the mug weekly. Every other week Maties Fm 92.6, will announce discount prices and freebies to only those who have already purchased their limited edition travel mug- a free doughnut? A few Rands off a refill? We don’t know what next week’s announcement may bring.

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“License to Fill” travel mugs- part of My Brew’s new campaign (Source: Own)

In accordance with their partnering with MFM to promote their weekly special, the local radio station is almost guaranteed more traffic with students eagerly listening for the next My Brew discount. The reusable mugs are an effort towards environmentally sustainable practices so that less disposable cups will be produced and thrown-away. Not only is My Brew friendly towards their valued customers, but is now environmentally friendly too.

Almost everyone enjoys a steaming Cuppa Joe (Source:

This innovative coffee brand has made a name for itself through placing branded tables near its unique pod-like store, amongst the rest of the regular coffee tables in the Stellenbosch Neelsie. While having teamed up with MFM as mentioned, they also stock their own coffee beans at the Neelsie’s Romans Pizza outlet. Doughnut-eating contests are held, while promotions are run alongside the Stellenbosch Commerce Student Committee to stimulate brand awareness. Through regularly updating their Facebook page, My Brew aims to stay interacted with their loyal customer/fan base.

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My Brew Customers lining up in anticipation (Source: Own)

The included benefits of having one’s student card swiped with every purchase until the accumulation of points are enough for a free coffee, and it’s continuous partnering with companies such as Acer to provide a chance to try a coffee for free, leave My Brew loyalists asking: so, why haven’t you ‘bean’ to My Brew, bru?

A first-hand experience of purchasing a delicious My Brew’s Vanilla Cappuccino (Video Source: Own ; Song Source: Against All Odds, aKING)

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