If you thought Stikeez and back-in the day Tazos (you know what we’re talking about, 90’s kids) were the greatest craze amongst South Africa’s youngsters to date, think againCheckers’ Little Shop campaign has taken South Africa by storm, or should we rather say, taken South African moms by storm.

Mzanzi’s Reaction

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Moms, children and tweens far and wide across the Rainbow Nation have been obsessing over 29 Mini Collectables, consisting of every-day South African grocery items, shrunk down to size, to fit the lifestyle of a Barbie or action figure. The mini brands range from the popular  Smoked Beef Simba crisps to tiny Bokomo Weetbix and can be collected with each R150 spent at your local Checkers or Checkers Hyper store.


This year, moms have gone to great lengths of the absolute extreme for their children’s enjoyment and instead of hosting Tupperware parties, they have been organising Little Shop swap-soirées (Try saying that three times fast!).

The beginning of Momzilla Outbreak

The collection craze spread country-wide on the 4th of July 2016 after Checkers televised their first Little Shop campaign (check it out below!). Moms, tots and kids swarmed outlets, nation-wide, with the sole purpose of obtaining a new collectable in a bid to stave off social anxiety by collecting all 29 tiny groceries. Checkers has made the collection more of an adventure, by individually wrapping each Mini Collectable. This adds to the excitement of opening a tiny grocery, as each item is a surprise when being revealed.

Not only recreational, but educational

The positive aspects surrounding this tiny phenomenon were not only to provide children with a fun and interactive game, but:

  • Inspire children to practice entrepreneurship and business-like skills by trading their mini groceries

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  • Educate small children on the concept of food shopping, by teaching them that food doesn’t simply arrive in Mom’s fridge
  • Encourage children to
    put down their Pokémon Go or move their eyes away from Disney Channel and get to good old-fashioned playing

It’s always a competition -that’s how we like it!

Not only was the Little Shop campaign an excitement as is, but the first 25 children (Moms, we know you’re in on it too)  to collect all 29 Minis stood a chance of winning a whopping R10 000 for themselves as well as for their school by entering online via the Checkers website.

There’s nothing mini about the media coverage that was generated

Checkers made its first debut televising their first Little Shop promotional advertisement. From then on, advertisements regarding this mini craze went viral via YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and print media. Facebook pages for multiple cities were created (A Momzilla’s haven), where moms and tweens would trade their mini groceries in order to complete their collection, as much as a bid for a staggering R2000 via Gumtree for all 29 groceries was requested.

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The success of this campaign united moms all over South Africa, along with their little ones. We’re certain that Mzanzi looks forward to another Checkers campaign set to hit our beautiful South African soil because with each promotion, Checkers keeps getting better and better.

MOMZILLA Facebook Frenzy





Below is Checkers’ first television commercial  to promote the Little Shop campaign:

Little Shop Television Promo


Checkers Official Sitecheckers_logo


So, remember Momzillas, dynamite comes in little packages.


Photographer: Amber Aucamp

Models: Hannah Pepler, Hanneke Pepler and Thalia Pepler

Location: Checkers, Durbanville