The crisp early morning air carries the aroma of freshly brewed coffee. A relaxed day awaits you, one you have been desiring for so long now. You can’t wait to hit the shower to use your favorite shower jelly or shower scrub to spring clean your skin.  Excited to treat your roots to a treatment smelling so fresh you could eat it, with aromas of fresh mint and grapefruit oil, all known to be cheerful and uplifting is waiting for you.


After a long relaxed shower you use your “karma kream” with the signature perfume of LUSH to make you stand out from the crowd. You then put on your favorite face mask and enjoy that early morning coffee with a good read. Doesn’t it sound amazing?

The Brand

LUSH will make you feel at your best even when you are having a relaxed day at home. The natural fresh products will keep you wanting more. The LUSH feeling is one you must experience first-hand and therefore you could pop into any store and try their testers in the store before purchasing them. This makes LUSH a very memorable experience and customers are excited to visit the store again. The staff at LUSH is friendly, welcoming and keen to help customers to assist them in buying the perfect product to fulfill their beauty needs.

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To top that is the fact that LUSH:

  • Uses fresh, organic fruit and vegetables to make effective products.
  • Makes the products fresh by hand using little or no preservatives or packaging, using only vegetarian ingredients, and tell you when they were made.
  • Only buys ingredients from companies that do not commission tests on animals.
  • Believes in happy people making happy soap, putting their faces on the products, making their mums proud and that the customer is always right.
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Target market

The current target market of LUSH is young professional women ages 20-35 years who are like-minded to the company’s environmental choices, chemical free products and not testing on animals. The new generation is more environmental friendly, because they are more aware that they should keep everything green. LUSH also expanded its market to include the young professional male, of the same age, by creating products keeping men in mind like the “Dirty” range.

Although their target market is aimed at young people, there is no age or gender that could keep you from having the LUSH life.


Integrated Marketing Communication

LUSH does not use traditional advertising, they largely rely on word of mouth and direct relationships with their customers by regular mail, in-store service and internet presence to promote their products and social awareness campaigns. Lucky for LUSH, their passion for charity and honest products draws in quite the crowd while their online activities keep them informed and inspired. The Charity Pot is just one of the many ways they give back to the community. Their in-store experience is amazing and when clients bring back five empty pots or tubes, they get one fresh mask free!


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LUSH has always been a campaigning company. They have a unique platform to create positive change in the world and they put their ethics into practice through activism and charitable giving. All LUSH campaigns are based on standing up for animal rights, protecting the environment and supporting humanitarian causes.  LUSH have never been a brand to be quiet, they’ve always stood up for what they believe in and used their power to raise awareness for important campaigns.


Campaigns such as #GayIsOK was a huge success. LUSH shops across the world asked their customers “What if your love was illegal?” and encourage them to post selfies with the campaign’s fundraising product – a gold soap scented with Lush’s Love fragrance – telling the world why they think #GayIsOK.

The campaign aimed to reach 10 million people on social media within 10 days. The campaign got a social reach of 30 million. After the US Supreme Court ruled on marriage equality, the hashtag #GayIsOK reached a further 40 million. This campaign then used the profits to donate to other campaigns across the world.

All of their campaigns awake an emotional feeling within people which is absolutely brilliant plus customers feel LUSH is part of something bigger and without a doubt will continue to be loyal to the brand.

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