With Nescafé you can be whatever you want, as long as you have “Konfydens” by your side…

The birth of NESCAFÉ

NESCAFÉ was born when Brazilian coffee meets Swiss science. The Brazilian government asked the Nestlé Company to make “coffee cubes”.

In 1930 Max Mergenthaler and his team started their research and after eight years, they created a coffee that could be prepared by just adding water. The coffee retained its natural aroma.

This new coffee was called NESCAFÉ, a combination of Nestle and Café.  “Nes” means miracle and “café” means coffee. So actually NESCAFÉ means miracle with coffee.

NESCAFÉ perfection:

Each country has slightly its own coffee taste, which is why NESCAFÉ coffee now has a wide range that suits everyone.

After 70 years of practicing, NESCAFÉ was successful in selecting the best beans, the perfect blending and roasting as well as the extraction of the flavor of coffee.



Source: types.coffee.com

Many generations all over the world enjoy NESCAFÉ every day.


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The particular campaign

NESCAFÉ gives “Konfydens”

This… is “Konfydens”.

“Konfydens” is the new pitchman for Nestlé’s NESCAFÉ in Nigeria. The recently launched “Konfydens” campaign aims for brand awareness and to encourage its target market to be adventurous. “Konfydens” is a bit similar to the Old Spice campaign an overly confident pitch man interacting directly with consumers. Mr. “Konfydens” spurs on consumers who are lacking in confidence to action which faces tough decisions daily. The campaign is therefore to remind consumers that confidence is what they need to embark on any venture, which is possible with NESCAFÉ.

The campaign promotion tools

  • “Konfydens” explained that those selected for the air balloon ride were randomly picked from a pool of entries sent via SMS, adding that each of the lucky winners was also given the opportunity to bring in two of his friends to fly with him on the hot balloon with the pilot
  • The brand activation campaign NESCAFÉ, will touch ground in Ibadan, Ife and       Ilorin in a bid to connect with consumers on an experience of a life time, as an      exciting brand that is quite innovative in terms of products and the experience we give to our consumers.
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  • In the TVC’s “Konfydens” shows: You need confidence to be successful, you need confidence to do things that have never been done and break barriers.

Source: youtube

“Konfydens” is on social media via  facebook.com/NescafeAfrica  and   https://twitter.com/Konfydens?lang=en

For example on Facebook using Valentine’s Day as a time when confidence is needed, with NESCAFÉ it is possible.

Source: Facebook
  • Events hosted by “Konfydent” campaign. Create a music video containing the key word NESCAFÉ and win.
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Target Market

The person is a regular user of NESCAFÉ in the morning with an inspired and outgoing personality. This campaign encourages its target market to be adventurous. Adventurous students and young adults between the age of 18 and 28 were primarily targeted with this campaign. They could expect a lot of fun during this balloon ride.

Taste, aroma and quality of coffee are very important to these users. This campaign focused on young, adventurous and fun people who needed something to keep them active throughout the day.

NESCAFÉ’s overall target market is basically all coffee drinkers, especially people whom are in the need of instant coffee. Due to its convenience people can enjoy it at home, work or school.

Source: Nescafe.com

Positive aspects of the NESCAFÉ gives “Konfydens” campaign

This campaign had an enormous impact on the brand value of NESCAFÉ

  • More than 17 000 liked this campaign’s Facebook page
  • There were 330 tweets made on twitter about this advertisement
  • The NESCAFÉ Penalty English video was viewed by 144 viewers
  • The NESCAFÉ Ledge English video had 199 views
  • The NESCAFÉ hot air balloon made a lot of people aware of the brand image

Drink a cup of NESCAFÉ and put the beat in your drum!!!!

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