The struggle is VERY real – we all face the same, f r u s t r a t i n g, everyday problems. Thankfully there is one simple solution that will give you the strength to endure it all and come out on top. Lucozade is the easy solution to all those give-me-strength moments in everyday life.

Throwback to the stone age




Lucozade can be considered the very first energy drink of the twentieth century. Glucozade (renamed Lucozade in 1929) was created in 1927 by a chemist in Newcastle as a sickness recovery drink. Though it was originally served as an energy tonic to people who were ill, in 1980 Lucozade repositioned as an everyday recreational energy drink. As a result of the repositioning their slogan changed from “Lucozade aids recovery” to “Lucozade replaces lost energy”.


When life gives you lemons… 

In South Africa there are two available Lucozade ranges, Lucozade Sport and Lucozade Energy. Lucozade Energy has introduced
a wide variety of different sparkling and spunky flavours besides the original glucose drink, including:




  • orange,

  • apple,

  • blackcurrant,

  • Caribbean fusion and

  • a limited edition pink lemonade

Lucozade your pillar of strength  

Most energy drinks are for people who follow a very active lifestyle, like athletes or sport enthusiasts. However, Lucozades’ most recent South African campaign, launched in 2014, emphasised that Lucozade is an everyday energy drink for the average Joe/Jane.

The campaign was based on the concept that Lucozade is the one life-hack that gives people the motivation to endure the wearying give-me-strength moments associated with everyday frustrating tasks everyone faces.

         (source: own video&photos)

What a winning streak 

The campaign started off with a series of radio adverts where an unnamed announcer gave a pep talk to someone who was in a situation that demanded he/she get energized and charge full steam ahead.

The radio campaign won a gold and two bronze lions at the 2014 Cannes Lions International festival of creativity. After the super successful radio campaign a series of follow-up ads, in the same style, were released via different mediums, including: 

  • TV,
  • Twitter,
  • YouTube,
  • the Waze app and
  • WeTransfer

The Lucozade give-me-strength campaign as a whole won a bronze at the 2015 Loeries Creative Week in the category Integrated Campaign as well as two gold awards for the radio campaign and a bronze and gold for the TV campaign.  The digital campaign also achieved two silver Bookmark awards.

Energizing innovation 

Getting the message across in so many Waze  

Waze is the world’s largest community based traffic and navigation app. Through targeting slow-moving traffic with geo-targeted ads, frustrated drivers were kept going by being directed to the closest stock-list of Lucozade.



Transferring all that positive energy to those in need 

WeTransfer is a cloud-based file transfer service. Since there is nothing more frustrating than waiting for a file to upload on a slow internet connection, while users where busy uploading large files, an audio clip embedded on the WeTransfer page encouraged users to not give up on the lengthy task at hand.




Do YOU also feel like you could do with some Lucozade in those everyday give-me-strength-moments?

The struggle might be real – but luckily YOU have Lucozade to get you through it.

Comment and let us know what  you thought about the campaign.




Filmed and edited by:

Andrew McIntyre and Cara Schultz (students at AFDA, The South Africa School of Motion Picture Medium and Live Performance)

Directed by:

Andrew McIntyre, Cara Schultz and Jansi Snyman


Jéhan de Lange

The audio for the video was part of the actual Lucozade give-me-strength radio campaign (source:  ]