Classy, high-performing and reliable – unsurprisingly, this brand is regarded as the best bike brand in the world. Over the years, Specialized has redefined the cycling experience. The brand has continued to show innovation and style by always being one step ahead of its competitors. Specialized is the brand of choice for many riders. This is because the brand has created an image that people want to be associated with. Specialized has gone beyond simply just satisfying a rider’s basic needs.

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A recent campaign was developed which resulted in more awareness for Specialized as a leading bike brand. Years ago, sport was honoured and recognised with fire. Today, the brand created a campaign which brought this principle back. During the Rio Olympics, Specialized released a limited edition collection of fiery bikes and gear. This collection was designed to change colour as the different gear went through areas of different temperature.

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The campaign:

  • Was creative and unique
  • Captured the attention of many viewers
  • Earned a lot of publicity
  • Related to the history and image of Specialized
  • Earned further trust amongst loyal consumers
  • Reached the target audience



Specialized is not only a bike brand for professionals. No matter a rider’s motivation or discipline, Specialized strives to be the best bike brand for every type of rider. It focuses on a riders needs and offers a variety of gear ranging from bikes to helmets to accessories, all of which are designed to perfection. The team behind Specialized are all passionate about being the brand of choice for riders and want to share their love for bikes with the world.

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Another project the brand is involved in is The Specialized Foundation. This campaign helps school children to improve their social, academic and performance skills through cycling. Eight schools have been chosen to partake in this program. These schools will receive bikes and other start-up kit to create a lasting cycling program which will encourage children to get involved with the sport. The schools will also receive a training program to help begin the cycling program.


In the marketing world, Specialized is increasingly being innovative, staying ahead of competition and maintaining publicity. The brand is loved and favoured by many riders and remains the leader in the world of bikes. The brand has also created an extensive global distribution network and is available and recognised in many countries. One of the most important marketing tools for Specialized is creating a platform to receive good reviews. Once potential clients have read about how amazing a specific bike or shoe is, they are more likely to come to a Specialized store and make a purchase.

Source: http://www.specialized.com