The Brand

A group of friends, as the end of their final year at varsity came closer, hit the road without a final destination in mind.  They got into their car and drove where the wind blew them….the wind took them to Plett.  As they sat on a balcony chatting away and watching the African sun set over the ocean, they saw a guy walk past wearing a t-shirt that read “I love Plett” and from there the concept of “I love Stellies” came to them spontaneously.

The name “Stellies” is an abbreviation for the quaint student town of Stellenbosch where they all studied.  The ambience of Stellenbosch with its beautiful mountains, winelands and Cape Dutch architecture made the development of  a lifestyle-inspired brand flow naturally.  The power of the moment motivated them to create this awesome lifestyle brand  and they were even more excited about what the future of the brand held.


The Products

Stellies is a clothing  brand that creates trendy, comfy and fun clothes for the fashionable youth.  They have a range for women and men that includes a winter and summer collection.  From bright bikinis to slouchy tees to trendy maxi dresses. The women range has everything a girl needs to look cute, fashionable and make an attitude statement! For the guys and their “guns” the Stellies vest is the perfect way to show off those muscles. (They have t-shirts too.) Crazy patterned swim-shorts and a bit less daring tract-shorts are all part of the men’s range.  Stellies accessories like flatcaps, beanies and beach-bags are also very popular.  If you are a Stellenbosch student you have a Stellies hoodie, it’s the one item that everyone wears.  It can even be seen in a way as student uniform in Stellenbosch,  only difference is – no one is told to wear this uniform it’s something the students love wearing.



The Target market

Stellies segmented their target market using demographic- and geographic segmentation. The brand’s focus is on the younger-adult market. They have a geographic benefit in terms of their brand connecting to the proud and patriotic Stellenbosch-student. It is easy for the brand to create designs that their market will love and want  because they have a very focussed view of exactly who their clients are.

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The campaign

Stellies recently opened a new shop in the Neelsie (The student centre in Stellenbosch).  They made excellent use of IBP to communicate the new shop to all the potential Stellies supporters.  They especially made use of Instagram and Facebook to promote the excitement.  Seen as their target market is students and students are on social media 24/7 they managed to communicate every detail of the process of the new store to them very effectively and even on a great budget.  They launched a count-down on Instagram where they posted the amount of days left until the new shop opened ….this created an excitement under the students, almost like counting down the days to your birthday when you were a little child.  The first post, a week before the opening read “ Something BIG is coming” and seven days later “××× THE × WAIT × IS × OVER ×××” with the opening of the new shop and everyone there because of the excitement the Instagram campaign caused.

New Shop


Stellies also have stickers that you get when you purchase something at their shop.  These stickers are on every proud Stellenbosch student’s car, and for those who do not own a car you can stick it ANYWHERE. They even gave away 100 free stickers every day for the first week of business.  These stickers are a great part of IBP because they make their rounds across town, and when the students drive home, others regions get to see the Stellies logo on these cars, creating awareness of the brand.

Bumper Stickers