Coca-Cola…makes good things taste better!

Can you name one thing that is better than an ice-cold Coke on a warm summer’s day? The ice-cold liquid refreshing your body, refreshing your mind and nourishing your soul. Nothing can beat that, right?

Coca-Cola has been a household name since 1886, when it was first sold in a pharmacy in Atlanta, Georgia. This was the beginning of great things to come. Coca-Cola has been famous over the years for their ingenious advertisements, especially their Open Happiness campaign. But now there is a new Coca-Cola campaign taking the world by storm.

What is this new campaign?

Following the success of Coca-Cola’s seven year long Open Happiness campaign, a new campaign is born. A campaign that doesn’t just concentrate on the feelings associated with drinking a Coke, but rather a new approach – to accentuate the product itself. This ad was the beginning of the new campaign:


Coca-Cola is now focusing on “Taste The Feeling” (“Enjoy the Feeling” in South Africa), a different approach but still the traditional Coke vibe, as seen in another Taste The Feeling ad below.


This is of course an extreme game changer in the Coca-Cola family. It is clear that this new approach seeks to unite all Coca-Cola consumers, rather than just focusing on what the brand stands for.

The simplicity of the new Coca-Cola campaign is what draws the attention of the consumer first, exactly what CMO, Marcos de Quinto, believes the brand should be associated with – focusing on the product. Taking one look at the ads that have already been released in 2016, it seems like simplicity is key!

Target audience

Coca-Cola also succeeds with the idea to keep their target audience happy. Focusing on the tech generation, young people, middle-class consumers and the family-orientated, they engulfed the campaign with all their values. The concept of Taste the Feeling just seems to strike a chord with Coke fans worldwide.

Enjoying a coke. Source: Own photo
Enjoying a day at the Cape Town Coca-Cola factory. Source: Own photo

Taste The Feeling

A very simple punchline, but with very deep meaning. Not only does this campaign already surpass the successes of some of Coke’s previous smaller campaigns, it also surpasses one’s senses – but that’s what #TasteTheFeeling is all about. Looking at what feeling actually is – can you really taste it? Can it be created by taste? According to this campaign DEFINITELY. Drinking a Coke can stir up feelings inside you, make you feel carefree, happy and anything really – there are no boundaries seeing to the fact that we can actually taste our feelings. Definitely a genius type of synesthesia.

Integrated Marketing

Since the launch of the Taste The Feeling campaign in January 2016, a lot of different promotional tools have been used and rightfully so, seeing the success of the previous Coca-Cola campaigns; TV, radio and magazine ads, social media, interactive events and many more have been used to launch the campaign worldwide.

One can expect from Coca-Cola to go all out with the promotion of the campaign – and they did, getting singer Conrad Sewell and artist/producer Avicii to produce a song to act as the Taste the Feeling anthem. The song used in the TV ads is a great way to get the younger generations interested in Coca-Cola – being all hip and soulful – very easy to capture the audience’s attention.

GIF the feeling

Spreading the campaign across all promotional tools, Coca-Cola also launched a new portal on their website called #GifTheFeeling where consumers can create their very own feelings GIF. Just choose a feeling that best suits the picture and TA-DA:


This function helps to integrate new technology with the campaign which can also be shared on social media with the hashtag #GIFTheFeeling. Coca-Cola also has an intense global social media presence with:

  • 99 million fans on Facebook
  • 3.2 million followers on Twitter
  • 4 million followers on Instagram


Coca-Cola makes the impossible possible with this campaign, not only do they reflect carefree happiness with their ads, they also give consumers something to think about – something to remember. With only seven months since the first launch, Coca-Cola’s campaign has already soared to the top. Even having a series of ads promoting the Rio 2016 Olympics called #ThatsGold. By incorporating the campaign in such a large event Coke has already caught the majority of the world’s attention and this is only the beginning.

Mmm..aah. Taste the success!

Taste the … ? Let us know how Coke makes you feel.

Comment your feeling below!

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