Nivea, translated into Snow White, is an internationally recognised skin and body care brand. Nivea has successfully been providing consumers with the added benefit of self care products for the past 105 years.Nivea has created many advertisements for TV commercials and the radio as well as the use of promotional and billboard campaigns to make consumers aware of the brand. With their ‘Care is Beautiful’ campaign, they have instilled a sense of community and a family orientated feeling towards the brand that would encourage the use of the brand in family households.

The campaign, Care is beautiful, aims at individuals who have made nurturing and caring for others a priority in their lives.This South African campaign uses African culture by incorporating South African values, TOGETHERNESS and UBUNTU. Families are such an important factor in African culture and therefore Nivea targeted the households to create a sense of trust, responsibility and closeness.The campaign aims to capture communities that are family orientated as well as people who tend to care for others and who are cared for. Looking at the campaign, just howΒ  the brand Nivea cares for your skin, this add looks further than that and identifies the individuals who care for others.

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The image is taken from the campaign video which outlines one of the challenges in South Africa such as children that do not have parents to nurture them. This is Michael’s story of how he was abandoned when he was a child and now he wants to make a difference. The use of this image as well as others allow consumers to feel the warmth and trust in the product and that it actually can be a form of caring and give a sense of family no matter the circumstances. Nivea has been looking out for the well being of their consumers for years and has created this community. Now, Nivea’s care goes much further then just skincare.

This campaign is also taking a different look at advertising. It does not include the beautiful skinned models, long legs and luscious hair. It is real and truthful. It connects with the consumers on a more personal bases. The campaign shows real stories and does not use famous actors or catchy lines. The Nivea campaign is highlighting everyday lives of our heroes who live amongst us.

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The ‘Care is Beautiful’ campaign forms part of the global sustainability project called ‘We Care’, aiming to strengthen families around the world by showing the struggles that some individuals have faced and how others have stepped in to make a remarkable difference in their lives. In this current day and age a lot of people do notΒ  have a tight-knit family who are there for each other but luckily, thanks to magnificent people like Michael, he gives people a sense of hope that there are individuals out there who care for other people besides themselves. With this sense, people are also inspired and are driven to get involved and help others.

Care is Beautiful campaign below showing these heroes in their home environments.