It’s a South African love affair.

Rugby is a game of passion, heart and emotion. The Springbok brand has perfectly captured the essence of the game in their latest campaign. It centres on the South African love affair with rugby. Here we shall discuss a number of reasons as to why we think this new effort is quite simply brilliant.

It’s a South African game

#loverugby brings the game back to its roots, back to the raw emotion that the game evokes. There is nothing complicated about it, it’s just rugby, good and proper. The campaign reminds us of the essence of the game and why we fell in love with it in the first place. It take us on a nostalgic journey back to that child-like excitement we had the first time we experienced the green and gold. The campaign does this by asking, “What does rugby mean to you?” It encourages us to think of the positive impact that the Springboks have had in our lives.

The campaign enforces the power of rugby to unite this nation. It does this by providing us with one simple common ground, our love for rugby. It reminds us that rugby is a game of people and a ball, no race, no social class, no specific background is required. It is a game for all of us. One line from the campaign’s flagship video fully encapsulates this sentiment, “The springboks are a family, a brotherhood. But it’s a sisterhood too”. The statement rings so true in this sport in which everybody can get involved, no prerequisites.



By South Africans, for South Africans

Another reason we love the campaign is that it creates a sense of community. We can all get involved in the movement by simply using the hashtag #loverugby to have our messages and thoughts heard. It gives us access into the springbok camp like never before. This community extends beyond social media, it is a truly South African one. The campaign ignites a patriotic passion within us and the Springbok brand is an important ingredient of this passion. The videos released as part of the campaign capture the beauty of our country and its celebrated diversity.

The Springbok brand used this campaign as a vehicle to give back to the community. From visiting old ladies in Nelspruit to painting murals in Middelburg, the Campaign did a lot toward spreading some Springbok magic around the country. It was refreshing to see the Springboks visiting smaller towns and making an effort to spread the love of rugby to as many people in South Africa, even those in the little town that rarely get any attention.

Cape Town shenanigans

This included the team having to make their way from the Cape Town airport to Stellenbosch, not with a team bus, but rather with help and kindness of the South African people. This included a number of stops along the route, including Mzoli’s and a local gym. At each stop the players did a little bit to spread some Springbok magic. This included a trip to Khayelitsha rugby club, during which members’ of the team spoke about what rugby means to them. This is a touching act by the team as only a few years ago these people had no chance of playing for the Springboks.

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Final thoughts

The campaign celebrates diversity within the country and within the team, it also strengthens our common love for rugby and for the springbok brand. It has done a great job at reminding us of what rugby means to us. It creates an emotional connection with the game of rugby and with the springbok brand. It’s a beautiful story, it is a South African rugby story.

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