Samsung’s latest project is so innovative they even had to invent a new word for it! By “wombifying” recorded sounds, the application aims at bridging the distance between parents and their premature babies. Every year, 15 million premature babies are born to the unhappy fate of being placed far away from their parents warmth in an incubator. In this way they are disconnected from the natural sounds of the womb that help their brain develop and grow. With Voices of Life, Samsung is working on an app that will bring an end to this problem by using the healing power of sound.

How does it work?

Voices of Life is an app that will allow mothers to record their voices and heartbeats, for the preemie to hear these recordings in his or her incubator. But the app does not merely record the sounds as they are: through Samsung’s speaker technology, the recordings are “wombified”, so they resemble the natural sounds a baby is exposed to in its mother’s womb. Parents can even create music playlists for their babies or record stories and lullabies, to save their preemies from otherwise uncomforting hospital sounds. Like this, Samsung aims to create an environment that is much closer to the safe harbor of the womb. The idea is simple, the elaboration is brilliant!

The idea behind the campaign

Voices of Life is part of Samsung’s broader project Launching People. This is an initiative that wants to create change by bringing together the innovative potential of customers and experts with Samsung’s technology. In this way, Voices of Life is a clear example of Launching People’s goal of accelerating discoveries and addressing social issues. This is perfectly in sync with the message Samsung wants to send out as a brand. Or as Kun-Hee Lee, Samsung’s chairman, put it in 1993: “change everything”. By reformulating this catchphrase to “change again” in 2014, he made this statement even more powerful. Here you can see the video for the campaign but be warned, it’s a real tearjerker!


The Voices of Life campaign is building on research that shows that the disconnection between mother and child puts the preemie at risk of developing language and attention deficits. Reconnecting the baby with its mother through the app will have a number of benefits:

  • increase of the preemie’s early sensory experience
  • improved brain development
  • reduced emotional stress for both parents and child

Targeting a different audience

In most of its campaigns, Samsung’s focus is entertainment and its target market is a very broad segment of general consumers. With Voices of Life a different path has been chosen when it comes to targeting: the principal aim is to speak to parents, who can relate to the feeling of wanting to be as close as possible to their new born baby. The promotion tools that have been used so far are the Samsung website and social media (YouTube, with shares on Facebook). After revealing the idea for Voices of Life, the reactions of mothers – with or without preemie – were very warm and enthusiastic. This is a good indicator for Samsung to see what its public thinks about the idea. Check out some of the reactions below from after the video release:

Source: own photo

Creative change

Like a lot of Samsung’s advertisements, this campaign was designed by Leo Burnett. A YouTube video that shows a demonstration of Voices of Life was released in April 2016. In the video, the cold and distant feeling of a hospital is portrayed convincingly. We feel touched immediately by the story of a mother who tells about her experience of not being able to be with her premature baby. Voices of Life then brings a sparkle of hope by alleviating the misfortune suffered by parents and preemies.

It is clear that with Voices of Life, Samsung has given an original, creative twist to the product category of baby apps. It is the first app to do something as innovative as “wombifying” sounds for preemies. And if the app can actually make a change by offering developmental and emotional help to parents and preemies, it is certain that this is a campaign doing good for humankind. By helping people in a difficult stage in their life, displaying the high-tech possibilities of their smartphones and showing their engagement and involvement with society, Samsung is succeeding in three ways all at once. The app is currently being pilot tested and no release date has been announced yet, but we’ll keep you posted!