The brand

OREO is more than just a biscuit, it offers consumers much more than just a tasty snack. The form of an OREO cookie — two delicious wafers brought together and joined by sweet creme filling — provides people with a unique feeling of togetherness that only this biscuit can provide, spanning generations and crossing borders all across the globe.

After lasting 100 years in stores, OREO has a special place in the hearts and homes of cookie fans of all ages all around the world. While “Milk’s Favorite Cookie” is as good as it was in 1912, the OREO brand continues to evolve and grow — adding new markets, new products, and new channels for its loyal fans around the globe.

Rolling Wonder (:30)

Open up with Oreo

Oreo has just developed its latest Wonderfilled campaign, Open up with Oreo. This comes as a result of the brand personality Oreo has of celebrating the kid inside of all of us, inspiring moments of curiosity and awe.

The new campaign encourages people to open up their hearts and minds to others. It has launched in more than 50 countries globally this year and South African fans have not been left out. The campaign will share the positive message of encouraging people to open up their hearts to others while offering local consumers the chance to win one of three family trips to New York City worth R200 000 each.

Target Market

The 3-year-old campaign run by Oreo, Wonderfilled, has seen an evolution of sorts of the brand.

Although the campaign is portrayed in an animated and playful manner, its true goal is to broaden its target market to more than just mothers’ and children. Rather, it is positioning the brand to anyone who could use a reminder to “see the world with the same sense of wonder we had as kids,” says Kristin Hajinlian, Oreo brand manager at Mondeléz International.

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The use of promotional tools

Wonderfilled is a campaign designed to get Oreo out of the stereotype of being just a biscuit, both literally and figuratively. From TV commercials, pre-roll, and out-of-home, right down to the packaging level in-store, Wonderfilled will be an essential part of Oreos promotional tools for the foreseeable future.

The top-level Wonderfilled messaging asks a simple question, “I wonder if…” The possible answers, according to Martin Agency Creative Director David Muhlenfeld, are limitless. The Martin Agency joined up with influential figures in the music industry such as Chiddy Bang, Tegan and Sara, for animated video variations of the Wonderfilled theme song.

As a part of the Wonderfilled campaign Oreo created twitter vines dubbed “Snack Hacks”—branded #Oreosnackhacks—that demonstrate Oreo’s adaptability. Oreo then reached out to iconic chefs and encouraged them to create a series of videos creating unexpected pairing with Oreo, like Oreo tortilla chips, and even an Oreo Shandy. All the hacks were eventually aggregated on Tumblr (, where fans could post their own user-generated hacks and view hack galleries.

Oreo’s presence on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter is unique to each platform which helps the brand develop a unique content strategy that aids in creating the overall Wonderfilled brand strategy, but also leaves room for customer creativity.

Oreo Campaign

Positive Aspects about the campaign

Oreo finds that, especially in their Tumblr and Instagram platforms, they are not just entering a new promotional channel but are rather joining a new community. They therefore will only publish content that will suit the communities tone and trigger their interest points, like GIFs or original photography of the product being consumed in natural environments.

These promotional insights have created a lot of love for Oreo. Wonderfilled has gained more than 28000 mentions on Twitter since the inception of the campaign, resulting in an excess of 138 million potential impressions. The engagement over twitter by followers has been 96.9% positive to the campaign.  This campaign is changing the way consumers go about their lives. Oreo is aiming to show people that there is more to life than just being generic and monotonous but to rather live a life of excitement and uniqueness. Open your mind up to all the opportunities around you and just wonder what all the possibilities could be.