You want to know how easy it is to get awesome prices from Google?

Google Maps wants you to follow 5 simple steps to grow your storage!

Collect points and get awesome prices from Google!

Every place you contribute to in Google Maps as a Local Guide earns you points towards unlocking something new – from early access to new products to exclusive contests and events, bonus Drive storage, and more. With 4 points for instance, you gain access to exclusive Google contents already! Would you like to visit the Google Campus? Collect 500 points and you can!

But how to get the 1 TB storage?


Figure 1: Google Local Guide1

Share your discoveries directly to the map and make it more useful for everyone!

Local Guide is a person who is regularly using Google Maps and helps to improve the service by adding new, and editing existing information. Everyone has the same chances, there are no responsibilities and there is no competition. You can act as you wantwhen you want and where you want. It is also a great chance to promote local stores that were unknown so far or that could not be found by visitors due to its isolated location.

You want to be part of the Google community? Google Map’s Local Guide campaign is targeting people who love taking photos and commenting on places they visit all over the world. Therefore they receive exclusive gifts like the 1 TB Google storage!2 The only thing one needs is a smartphone with Google Maps! Is that you? Welcome on board!

Here are the 5 STEPS how to gain points for your 1 TB Google Storage:  

STEP 1: Share Reviews.

You know a top restaurant or a beautiful park? Share your experiences and help others choosing a destination.

All of us are visiting one or another place and make their experiences. Why shouldn’t you share those experiences with other people using Google Maps? Tell them if something was outstanding at the restaurant you visited, or if it was just a waste of time. Other people will benefit from your reviews and so will you!

Click here and see how this step works.

Video: Share your world with Google Local Guides3

STEP 2: Upload Photos.

A picture says more than a thousand words. Record your experiences and observe the raising number of clicks.

Since we take pictures of our daily life anyway, just share it with the world! A picture can influence lots of decision makings! So it’s quite simple to upload a photo from a place you have visited. Once again: yourself and other people will benefit from these contributions.

Click here and see how this step works.

STEP 3: Add New Places.

There is a place missing in Google Maps? Simply add that location so that others can experience it too.

You haven’t found a place on Google Maps you wanted to visit and you had to undertake a bunch of effort to find that place? That’s dumb, isn’t it? Help others to find that place immediately on Google Maps by just adding that missing location. Just a small side note: all those other places shown on Google Maps you benefit from every day have been added by others, too!

Click here and see how this step works.

STEP 4: Edit Places.

There are wrong opening hours or a missing telephone number? Update or add information easily.

Being in a hurry and quickly want to check the opening hours at the store you are going to visit? Uhm, there are no opening hours. Do yourself and others a favor and edit locations where something is missing or even wrong. The next time you and other users will benefit!

Click here and see how this step works.


Figure 2: Google Maps surface  

STEP 5: Answer Questions.

Share your experience with others and quickly respond on questions on visited locations.

If you have activated “locations” on your mobile device, Google Maps is able to recognize which location you have visited last. You will automatically get a short questionnaire about that location which will last only up to a few seconds.

Click here and see how this step works.

START NOW and get your 1 TB STORAGE!

  • Rate your visited places
  • Explore new ones and
  • Enjoy your new Google advantages!


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Figure 3: Austrian Local Guides in South Africa

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5 Own photo (by Raphael Wojak)