The sound of a pop, the taste of bubbles, and the sensation of excitement, it is nothing else other than J.C. Le Roux.

Where Le Good life begins!

We don’t know about you, but when we taste J.C. Le Roux, sparkling memories POPS in our heads, and we get the same happy feeling. We just want to thank J.C. Le Roux for bringing joyful memories since the 1900’s. The first of many sparkling wines was established at J.C. Le Roux in 1983. Today J.C. Le Roux is a recognizable brand when celebrating achievements or any other special occasion.

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Oh my SWEETNESS, there’s more than just BUBBLY.

Ever seen the magnificent Stellenbosch wine lands? If not, we recommend you to add it on your bucket list and go POP in at the luxurious elegant House of J.C. Le Roux. We promise a beautiful drive and magnificent views on route to the House of J.C. Le Roux. The House of J.C. Le Roux always invites everyone for an unforgettable SPARKLING experience when tasting some BUBBLES. Tastings can be paired up with your favourite sweet treats, meringues or marshmallows.


When to POP some bottles?

Unsure when to pop some bottles? Here are some sparkling moments that will go perfect with a bottle of J.C. Le Roux:

  • Ready to POP the big question? Why not grab a blanket, candles, picnic basket, go to some magnificent place, get some J.C. Le roux and ‘put a ring on it’?
  • “I heard a rumour on this day, someone is having their birthday’’ – why not CHEERS to another year of some bubbly moments.
  • Celebrate your success, whether it is a new job, you being promoted, graduation, buying a new car or home. No matter how big or small your success, always celebrate yourself.
  • Pop some BUBBLES when celebrating these following special occasions: Christmas, new year’s, anniversary and friendship day.
  • It is the weekend (Don’t have weekend plans? – Why not visit the beautiful House of J.C. Le Roux).

No fabulous and successful lifestyle would be complete without sparkling bubbles to compliment it.

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Release what’s inside.

Too often we are scared to open up and show our true colours. Forget what others might think or say, and don’t let anyone make you be who you aren’t. Open up to new beginnings and just be you. Release what’s inside – this new campaign from J.C. Le Roux is inspired by the stages of metamorphosis. Ever feel like a dull caterpillar? J.C. Le Roux wants you to know that you will emerge into a dazzling butterfly someday. With the sparkling spring upon us, seeds bursting with life and flowers blossoming, the time to change is now.

“In our busy everyday lives, it is so easy to lose sight of your true self. By taking our cues from the individual effervescent, sparkling flavours inherent across our entire range, we want people to unleash their own unique vibrant and creative flavour that makes them stand out.” – Jackie Olivier, J.C. Le Roux global marketing manager.

Dazzling flavours to celebrate your change

J.C. Le Roux launched an exciting and stylish new look for the bottles with the campaign – ”Release what’s inside”. J.C. Le Roux transformed the style of the bubbly bottles with butterflies, birds, enchanted forests and flowers to represent a new life. The Le domaine bottle is stylish with a dash of gold and red, dark burgundy for the blushing La Chanson and some pink and blue tones for the La Fleurette (most definitely our favourite). The new Chrysalis collection is a stylish, luxurious and vibrant way to celebrate your change.

Always sparkle like champagne – and be true to yourself

Release what’s inside.

Have a look at some MEMORIES shared with J.C. Le Roux

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