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Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars also known as Chucks is one of the few sneakers that needs little introduction.

Converse All Star has to be one the most iconic sneaker silhouette of all time says Converse’s Chief Marketing Officer Geoff Cottrill. All Star was originally a basketball shoe and was released in 1917. The sneakers popularity increased all thanks to endorsement from basketball player Charles “Chuck” Taylor and he went on to be the ambassador and the main sales force for the All Star sneaker. His name was added to the ankle patch of the shoe in 1932 and so the Converse Chuck Taylors was born.



Converse offers over 500 different styles of All-Stars, and if that does not impress you enough Converse believes that they are the canvas for creatives to express their own personal style, so Converse even has a section on their website where you can create your own custom pair of Chucks.

How awesome is that!

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Converse target market is independent, creative, free-spirited and carefully careless young people between the ages of 14 – 25 years of age. Converse is the sneaker that joins these young people on tour, in concerts, art studios, on sidewalks, classrooms and all-night parties.


Converse has an outstanding understanding and relationship with their consumer and with that said it is not surprising that social media is one of Converse most popular means of communicating with their target market.

“Our philosophy in social media has been to bring our voice to the medium, which includes acting like a good party guest — we bring something to the table, and we listen more than we talk.” Says Geoff Converse has the 3rd most popular branded page on Facebook, with more than 39 million fans and 76000 people talking about them. They also use Instagram, twitter and YouTube videos to communicate with their consumers.


  • Converse has used the music world at its advantage by getting many celebrity endorsers. Some of these partnerships past and present include Earin ‘Magic” Johnson, Kevin Johnson, Pink Floyd, Ozzy Osbourne, Larry Bird and The Who.
  • Converse collaborates with artist that has the same fashion- forward style and creative rebellious individuality as the sneaker, and who better than the Hip hop and rap music artist Wiz Khalifa.
  • He has worked with Converse twice, first launching the fall collection of All-star sneakers and then the Fall 2014 Wiz Khalifa sneaker collection featuring the new Converse Chuck Taylor All star ILL.
  • Wiz Khalifa has a record label called Taylor Gang Records.
  • The name of the Record label comes from the High school he attended and is also where his love for the Converse Chuck Taylor sneaker began.


Doing something for your consumer and giving back is not the normal marketing strategy but this gutsy move has really benefited Converse tremendously. In 2010 Converse opened a world class recording studio called Rubber Tracks and here musicians and Converse consumers can book high quality recording time for free. More than 400 different bands and artists have recorded at the studio, which means more than 400 artists saying wonderful and appreciative things about Converse on their social media. Converse is beginning to see the big returns that Rubber Tracks is bring to the brand. Converse was in on the action again when the latest Chuck Taylor All Star II Shield Canvas sneaker was used in the latest video of the Blood Brothers. Blood Brothers is a campaign where 10 of South Africa’s biggest music artist have banded together to unite in the fight against cancer in support of the Vrede Foundation.



Converse launched a campaign called “Made by you” in 2015 this campaign is all about the consumers who have been expressing their personal style and creativity through Chuck Taylor All Stars sneakers for nearly 100 years. The campaign comes with personal sneaker images of wear each one of the sneakers tells their own story. Ian Stewart VP global marketing at Converse said that this is just a general creative way to celebration our consumers who loves to wear their Chucks.