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Back in the 18th century

In 1836, a small town just south of Sweden was the birthplace of Absolut vodka. Lars olsson created the first premium vodka, which had been distilled hundreds of times in order to remove all impurities. Absolut Vodka is called a ‘one source’ vodka, as the brand sources all its materials and produces the vodka in a small town ,Ahus, in Sweden.

Absolut is known for the iconic shape of its bottle. The inspiration behind the bottles design came from a 18th century apothecary bottle found on a dusty antique store shelf. With no labels and minimal decoration, the clarity and pureness of the vodka can be admired.

Moving out of Swedan

Absolut was first introduced to America in 1979. The creative nightlife surrounding iconic clubs such as Studio 54 and Copacabana, fit the brand of Absolut perfectly.Famed american artist, Andy Warhol admired the bottle so much, that, despite not drinking alcohol, decided to create art pieces using the bottle as a focal point and wearing the vodka as costudio-54logne. This made the bottle into a cultural icon. In 1980 the brand decided it was time to introduce their first print advertisement, which would feature on posters and magazines. 94 Madison avenue agencies applied to represent Absolut. South African, Geoff hayes got the job after he pitched an idea containing elements which Absolut stood for, Clarity, Simplicity and perfection. 

Absolut campaigns.

With one of the longest running advertisement campaigns ever, Absolut know how to capture their market and keep them interested.

1. The brands main campaign, is simply, the bottle. The brand uses the iconic shape and designs around it. Under the main campaign, Absolut has started with sub-campaigns. Such as Absolut Unique, the campaigns goal was to create 4 million unique bottles, each with a different design, designed by consumers, artists and employees. The difficulty of this campaign became a hot topic between customers and competitors, but it was done. Another sub-campaign is ‘In an Absolut world’, which aims at making people dream about a world, where everything is as perfect as Absolut vodka is. They did this with the use of humorous advertisements which included puns but still contained the iconic bottle in some sort of way.


2.The campaign with the most diverse use of promotional tools and media, is the brands #Absolutnights campaign. The campaign targets young, vibrant individuals who are spontaneous, ready for a good time and enjoy drinking, this is why their main source of advertisement is nightlife. They have incorporated this with different creative media and methods. The main idea behind the campaign, is throwing a party which serves Absolut vodka, but with a twist. The twist usually involves the consumer and their own creative thinking.


 One such party was held in Argentina. The twist was that , in order to gain access to the party, you had to convince Sven the doorman, who was a virtual person on whatsapp, to let you in, which was not an easy task. People got creative and submitted custom songs, videos and even marriage proposals to Sven in order to gain access. This was the first ever whatsapp run campaign, in which the consumer was creating hype around the brand, with little input from the brand itself with regards to advertisement.

3.Other media used is light up clothing worn by party goers, video games featuring Deadmau5 as a character trying to find his way back to the DJ both, abandoned houses decorated by local artists, 360 degrees virtual reality videos and partnering with uber to surprise guests by dropping them at Absolut exclusive parties.The company even involved the famous music trio Swedish house mafia into their campaign with the use of an advert aired on television.


IBP Campaigns

Absolut has had a very good run when it comes to their marketing promotion tools. Their integrated brand promotion (IBP) methods have led them to become one of the most recognisable vodka brands, if not liquor brands. The iconic bottle shape has its own unique history which has played a part in the campaign.

 The campaign is successful because it makes an individual feel as if they are part of something bigger, something more than just their daily routines. The brand emanates fun and joy. One unique part of Absolut’s method of advertisement is the use of the community to whom it is trying to reach, they do this by involving local artists in their projects, asking them the question: how does Absolut make you feel? And them allowing them to create something that Absolut utilises in their campaigns. This makes a community feel as if they are a part of the brand itself, as if they themselves make their Absolut nights. The Absolut brand stands for something bigger than just drinking and getting drunk, it stands for a community of people who in all honestly just want to enjoy themselves and let go of life’s worries on an Absolut night. The IBP methods integrate the senses of human beings in order to capture their attention. The sounds of the music, the taste of the vodka, the feeling of warmth within their bodies.



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