The Macintosh, a computer which changed the way people viewed personal computers around the world, was introduced in 1984 and paved the way for Apple Incs. new reputation of being the leaders in innovative hardware and software companies around the world. Based in Cupertino, California, Apple Inc. was founded by two high school best friends, Steve Jobs and Stephen Wozniak, in Jobs’ garage at home (, 2016).

Apple Inc. has come a long way since 1970 where they only sold desktop computers and eventually 20 years down the line came the Ipod in 2001, which was the companies first expansion into a new product area. They now sell a variety of products such as:


hardware products:

  • IPhone
  • IPod
  • MacBook laptop and computer
  • Apple watch

Software products:

  • OS X and IOS operating systems
  • ITunes media player
  • Safari web browser
  • IOS app store


The brand

Apple Inc. has been named by the Forbes list as the most valuable brand in the world, but it doesn’t need titles such as these to boast their success of a reported revenue of $74.6 billion that includes $18 billion in profits, and this was done in a single quarter (Elgan, 2016). These numbers are mind blowing to even the most successful companies in the world, so it has everyone asking what is it that actually makes the Apple Inc. brand the giant it has become?

Apple Incs aim has been to provide extraordinary customer service and experience through paying a lot of attention to the Graphical User Interfaces (GUI) of their products. GUI refers to how the product user interacts with the electronic device such as using a mouse to select various on screen elements. Steve Jobs has always been known best for his vision of having a GUI that is based on two things, elegance and simplicity.

The brands strategy was to connect emotionally with its customers and to make them feel uplifted when using an apple product. The brands personality focuses on a ‘power-to-the-people’ approach through encouraging the hopes, dreams, aspirations, creativity and diverse lifestyles of their customers. They have built their brand based on Jobs’ vision of removing all complexities from people’s lives and creating a human bond between the man, the brand and his device (, 2016).

 The target market

Apple Inc. has a wide target market that make use of their various products. One of Apple Inc.’s target markets are teenagers. With the development of the ipod, teenagers are seen as the main users of this device due to the various functions it holds such as listening to music, accessing the internet, and gaming.

Another one of Apple Inc.’s target markets are college and university students. These students make use of Apple products such as, iPad’s, MacBook’s and iPhones to quickly and efficiently take down notes and other important information during their busy academic schedules.

Individuals in the business world are also frequent users of Apple Inc.’s products such as MacBooks, iPhones etc. This is due to the products’ various qualities that prove to be useful during the day-to-day activities in business which include the ability to finish work efficiently, communicate effectively and keep documents organized.

With the interactive touch screen quality of Apple Inc.’s products (iPad’s and iPhone’s) it has proven useful to young children and kids. By downloading learning games and apps on these Apple devices it has proven to assist in the learning process of these young children (Apple Inc. Case Study, 2016).

The promotional tools

There is constant hype about Apple Inc. and its latest and greatest product launches. The newest launch would be their IPhone 7 which boasts new stereo speakers, being water and dust resistant and also it now comes in a new Jet Black colour and has replaced its headphone jack with lightning ear pods.

Their simplistic and chic designs and packaging promotes their products along with their efforts to create an air of secrecy around their next big launch, however they have more promotional tools than these (Fast Company, 2012)

To name a few (Marketing Teacher, 2014):

  • they offer discounted deals on all refurbished devices such as Mac laptops and IPods alongside the 1-year warranty on all products.
  • For orders over $50 on the Apple iStore they offer free shipping.
  • ITunes gift cards
  • College students can receive back-to-school offers on certain packaged deals.

The final thoughts on the Apple Inc. brand is that it is been the perfect mix between quality products and innovative marketing that have been translated into exponential profits and an outstanding brand loyalty that every company aims to achieve.

 written by Nicole Sorour, Keegan Cranna and Keagan Jacobs



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