You know what’s not cool? Waiting a week to watch your favourite show on TV so you can be bombarded with buzz killing insurance advertisements for the car you don’t have.If you’re like any reasonable independent human you usually wait for the show to run its final episode, get your Cheeto powdered fingers on the full series, and binge watch that bad boy until you hate yourself. If this approach is more your style then you’re all too familiar with the challenge of finding a reliable source. Sure you could pirate the show like a complete criminal degenerate, but ever since you gave your computer polio downloading that Avril Lavigne album off LimeWire in 2004, netflix-jesseyou’re too afraid. Yes, there are always those illegal streaming sites, but have fun closing 7,893,645 pop-up ads for various forms of pornography and pyramid schemes, only to find out you could have filmed a higher quality episode of Prison Break with one of those little cell phones inmates hide in their ‘pocket’.

This my friend, is where Netflix comes in. Nothing says, “I’m mature” like having your very own account where you can effortlessly stream high quality shows and movies without interruption from advertisements, viruses, or dodgy emails from the FBI. Plus with the new powerhouse of Netflix Originals, the good stuff comes out on Netflix first (oh how the tables have turned), and in full seasons just the way we like it. There’s a reason nobody says Putlocker and chill.


I know you dream about becoming your favourite TV character. Wouldn’t it be nice to always have a witty reply and never become a Simple Jack when someone attractive walks in the room. Look, I’m not here to judge; hell we all want that. I’m just here to tell you thatfswap technology has become so ridiculous, that we actually can. Thanks to The Darewin agency in collaboration with Snapchat’s hugely popular face swap feature, Netflix has released a new interactive outdoor ad campaign in France called NetflixSwap, which allows fans to swap faces with the main character from their favourite series, enabling us to fulfil the dream of becoming our favourite TV characters.

Billboards have been put up in random locations around Paris featuring everyone’s favourite Netflix original characters. The setup is a clear invitation to anyone who walks past. The posters were designed to allow you to instantly swap faces with characters such as Pablo Escobar (Narco), Frank Underwood (House of Cards), Kimmy Schmidt (Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt) and many more. All you have to do is open snapchat, swap your face and share with your friends! Check out this video for more!


The NetflixSwap campaign is mainly targeting the teenagers and young adults who are the most frequent users of mobile phones and social media, more specifically Snapchat. However even those who are not users of Snapchat are targeted as anyone can identify their favourite character if seen on a poster! The posters maintain the Netflix theme and are effective ads even without the use of their interactive feature.


This truly unique idea has drawn much attention on the streets of Paris. Netflix has combined traditional mass-media advertising with digital marketing. A message has been delivered to the public via their posters and the public have then brought it onto the internet, giving the brand a huge mobile marketing presence and creating far more exposure than it would without its interactive feature. What better platform to push the message further than Snapchat! With over 100 million active daily users, I’m sure other brands have been left scratching their heads wishing they had thought of the idea first.


Instead of Netflix simply sending out its own snaps, it’s asking fans of its original shows to interact with them while out on the streets, creating an incredible hype. However, if you aren’t living in France would you not be feeling a bit left out? Not necessarily! From the comfort of your preferred Netflix viewing nest just hit the pause button at the right moment and get snapping away!



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Netflix can be considered the pioneers of this outdoor-interactive marketing tool, as they are the first to have really taken advantage of the massively popular Snapchat. This campaign has really encouraged users to interact with the brand, and interacting via a social media favourite has made it that much easier. Users have been sharing their face swaps with friends and loads of the pictures have also landed on social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, giving Netflix even more exposure!