There comes a time…

There is a time not understood according to the hands of a clock, the digits on your wrist or the ringing of a bell. It’s not measured according to the seconds, the minutes or hours in a day. It exists on its own; unmeasured and unbound. It’s the moment of friends unified in laughter, the stories about to be told- believable or not. The energy of the party. The spontaneous and the unplanned. It’s a time when you decide to ramp things up a notch instead of heading home. It’s that moment when the party is truly getting started. It’s a time when you gather your friends and fellows for a round of a special drink and say cheers to the good times ahead. It’s Captain O’ Clock.

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With its origins in Jamaica, the Caribbean and its founder being the late Sir Henry Morgan, a pirate who later became a knighted captain, it’s little wonder why Captain Morgan has always embodied the spirit of party and adventure. The drink from the time of its creation has been synonymous with revelry, the next level and the crazy.  The Captain Morgan range consists of two spectacular rums: Original Spiced Gold and Black Jamaica Rum.

To celebrate the good times and bring the spirit of Captain Morgan to the people, Captain O’clock was conceptualised. Captain O’ Clock is an unspecified time of the day or night, in which one opens a bottle of Captain, pours a round and lets the good times roll.

The campaign used a number of brand promotion techniques: television advertisements, print advertisements and social media platforms.  The hash tag #TICKTICKBOOM  and #CAPTAINOCLOCK were used to promote the campaign on Twitter and Facebook.


Although Captain O’ Clock can be related to by anyone who drinks Captain Morgan, the target market of the campaign was specifically a younger audience aged 18-25.

A significant aspect of the campaign in South Africa was the Remix Competition. Entrants who took part in the competition had to remix the Captain O’Clock anthem “Tick Tick Boom.” The anthem was created by Johannesburg rapper/producer Ricky Rick and Cape Town beat maker Sibot especially for the  Captain O’Clock campaign.

From 200 entered remixes, 10 were chosen. The top ten tracks were  posted on Facebook and Captain Morgan fans were then asked to vote for their favourite one. Student, Takalani Gidi was announced winner of the 2015 Captain O’Clock Remix competition. After winning the competition, Gidi met up with Sibot to finalise the track he would play at Oppikoppi Music Festival. It was to this track that Captain O’ Clock began for thousands of festival goers

The campaigns success can be attributed to a number of factors. Captain O’Clock, the central idea of the campaign served as the golden thread of all the promotional elements and emphasised a significant aspect of experiencing the brand-that special time when you and others gather together to enjoy a round Captain Morgan. Captain O’clock could be related to by anyone who drinks Captain Morgan and fans were thus encouraged share their Captain O’Clock moment on social media. This brought wide spread exposure to drinkers and non-drinkers of Captain Morgan. The campaign culminated with Gidi playing his track at Oppikoppi, an event of the campaign that brought all the promotional elements of the campaign together and showed everyone what Captain  O’ Clock is all about.

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