Play hard, tread lightly. Welcome to South Africa’s biggest music and lifestyle festival, Rocking the Daisies. Bringing people closer together and creating everlasting memories. Get ready to Rock the Daisies!


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Rocking the What?

Over its 11 year reign, Rocking the Daisies has become South Africa’s largest music and lifestyle festival. Providing a multi-sensory experience through music, art, film, comedy and so much more

What sets Rocking the Daisies apart from other festivals? Over 4 days Daisies brings you 250 acts from around the world and South Africa on 11 different stages, with each stage featuring different genres of music from Foster the People on the Main Stage with indie pop to Knife Party with electronic dance music in the Electro Dome and many more big name acts. Daisies has easily become a sought after way to welcome in the new season.  It’s not just the variety of music to get excited about, the Rocking the Daisies experience includes comedy, art and film all of which are the best in both local and international entertainment.

Daisies also allows attendees to immerse in an outdoor camping experience that pioneers green thinking within its space. They encourage festival goers to live an eco-friendly lifestyle and lead by example themselves, making them a leader in green thinking for festivals with their “leave no trace” policy.

More than a music festival. An Experience.

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Rocking the Communication

In order to promote their brand, Rocking the Daisies have implemented a number of different elements into one united message of having fun and being environmentally friendly, summed up in their motto ‘Play hard, tread lightly’. To get in touch with and communicate about Rocking the Daisies, you have multiple options. Its YouTubeTwitter, Facebook and Instagram along with their website – everyone is talking about Rocking the Daisies as the festival grows closer. Would you like to share your experience of Rocking the Daisies with others? Don’t hesitate to review them on Facebook or enter their competitions where you can share your experience at Daisies and win tickets to the festival! If you are not absolutely satisfied with the festival, they will ask you if there is anything they can do to make your experience even better.


Source: Rocking the Daisies

Daisies promotes creating memories, making connections, falling in love, having fun and helping find Allan or Steve – they lose each other every year, so be sure to shout either of their names at Daisies, you may be lucky enough to find one of them. Daisies is also an environmentally conscious festival where fans are urged to “do your bit, pick up your sh*t.” It promotes being a eco-friendly lifestyle festival and helping educate people on how to be eco-friendly.

Daisies’ target market is anyone wanting to create memories and have an amazing experience, being a multi-sensory experience, it caters for nearly everyone. Daisies is also disabled friendly, making sure that no-one feels left out and that everyone can experience this amazing festival.


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How to Rock the Daisies

Unsure how to Rock the Daisies? Well fear not as South African comedian Schalk Bezuidenhout yearly produces a helpful guide on how to Rock the Daisies! Be sure to catch him at the Lemon Tree Theatre this year again at Daisies.

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What to Bring to Daisies

First time goer to Rocking the Daisies? Well here’s a mini-guide of what to bring:

  • A tent (plus a lock) – not like you’ll be using it much..
  • Milk thistle – your liver will thank you later
  • Rehydrate – there’s no time for hangovers at Daisies
  • A light – you’ll need it find your stuff at night
  • Certified copy of your ID
  • A year’s supply of alcohol – can never be too safe
  • Money – for more drinks and food
  • Good vibes – create memories, make new friends, rock hard and have a good laugh

Celebrate life, make incredible memories and connect with new people at Rocking the Daisies 2016. An experience not to be missed!

Source: RockingTheDaisiesTV

Let us know in the comments if you’re going this year and which acts you’re most excited about! Get ready to rock hard with your best friend this October!