Save the environment whilst drinking vino

The story behind the story?

Somewhere deep in the heart of the Robertson Wine Valley, lies a little tranquil oasis called the Van Loveren Winery.  It all started out in 1914 when Jean Retief ordered a Rhus Lancea all the way from KwaZulu-Natal in order to commemorate special occasions and significant events. This special tree was planted next to a Karee that grew along a river on this family farm which eventually intertwined with the Rhus Lancea and ended up one magnificent tree that became a symbol of enduring love. This famed tangled tree eventually became the inspiration for the Van Loveren Tangled Tree range. The tales of these trees would tell unique stories of change, growth, preservation and other family chronicles. As for the wine- it speaks for itself. Tangled Tree represents the hard work, commitment and dedication of both the farmers and winemakers as well Retief’s love and respect for nature.



 The Proof is in the Packaging 

With the addition of the latest range of wines, namely Tangeld Tree to the Van Loveren’s long list of superior wines, the Retief family has effectively stepped up in its commitment to caring for the environment by decreasing their carbon footprint. Although the reduction of one company’s carbon footprint will not have a significant impact, Van Loveren strives to start the “green” initiative. Van Loveren makes use of fully recyclable, unbreakable PET bottles (bottles made from polyethylene terephthalate) which generates 50% less greenhouse emissions during the manufacturing process and enables wine lovers to enjoy a glass of their favourite wine  in places they have not previously been able to. PET is a particularly high-quality plastic that serves as an eco-friendly substitute for glass bottles. Using the innovative Treefree label, which is made from 100% renewable sugar cane fibre, gives further credence to their love for nature.

 A little expression goes a long way   

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Van der Vyver Photography

What caught our eyes first and seemed to catch the eyes of most wine lovers, is the careful, but yet creative and expressive labeling of the Tangled Tree wine range. The use of colour, imagery, design as well as the font and original play on words makes it difficult for any wine connoisseur not to pass the opportunity of purchasing a bottle (or two).



 If you have a thing for wine, look no further

  • Tangled Tree Butterscotch Chardonnay NV 
    Van der Vyver Photography

    Van der Vyver Photography

Van Loveren’s Tangled tree Butterscotch Chardonnay has expressive but lovely aromas of butterscotch and crème brûlée. The aromas are balanced by the subtle fruit zest in the Chardonnay. This Chardonnay is a lightly wooded, medium bodied white wine of explicit taste. The palate of the wine is round, creamy and full, making every glass as enjoyable as the next.



Tangled Tree Chocolate Cabernet Sauvignon NV 

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Van Loveren Tangled Tree Chocolate Cabernet Sauvignon is an oak matured, fruit driven red wine. This Van Loveren ruby red wine praises itself with delicate chocolate and moca notes, elegantly layered with notes of cassis and blackberries and expresses a full fruity palate with delicate tannins and a long, lingering aftertaste.



 Tangled Tree Moscato Rosé NV

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Van Loveren’s Tangled tree Moscato Rosé is a fruity, semi-sweet Blanc de Noir. The delicate pink, aromatic wine presents a luscious and upfront muscat and rose petal flavour.





  • Tangled Tree Spicy Shiraz NV 
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Van Loveren’s Tangled Tree Spicy Shiraz is an oak matured, fruit driven red wine with an ageing potential of 2 years. The Spicy Shiraz is a deep red wine with a veritable spicy nuance and presents a rich and powerful red berry essence. The spicy on the palate is well integrated, smooth and well-structured annins makes this a wine for any occasion.



  • Tangled Tree Tropical Sauvignon Blanc NV

    Van der Vyver Photography

Van Loveren’s Tangled Tree Tropical Sauvignon Blanc is a fruit-dry white wine. This wine is crisp and fruity and has rich aromas of tropical fruit including guava, melon and slight undertones of gooseberry. With a crisp and fresh finish, this wine is a true companion for any occasion.