Milo believes that champions are raised and not born. This is why, Nestlé Milo is currently the number one chocolate malt beverage in the world. The drink which has always contained beneficial amounts of malted barley, vitamins and minerals, now has a unique combination of these ingredients called Activ-Go, allowing optimum release of energy from the food that we eat throughout the day. Although most of us enjoy a warm cup of Milo as a treat at night, especially during the winter months, drinking the popular cocoa malt beverage in the morning, along with a well-balanced breakfast, can deliver maximum benefit for the consumer.

Brand: Milo Champions Band and App

  • With the increased use of technology worldwide, not only by adults but also by young children, Milo has identified a problem they could actively address. Children are spending more time in front of screens and less time being active. That is why Milo invented the new Milo Champions Band and App to ensure a healthy living and an effective way to monitor your everyday physical activity. Instead of viewing technology as the problem, they made it the solution.
  • The Milo Champions Band is designed for kids aged 6 to 12, and is worn around their wrist. The band works best in conjunction with the Milo Champions app.
  • The Milo Champions app, can help parents to keep track of their children’s physical activity and their eating habits whilst setting fun targets that teach them new skills.
  • When purchasing the band, the consumer also receives a tin of Milo to place emphasis on the product and promote it as part of a healthy lifestyle.
  • The Milo Champions Band and App was first launched in the Philippines and in Australia, two of Milo’s biggest consumer markets. Milo is in the process of expanding this campaign to the rest of the world.

Brand promotion tools

The Milo Champions Band and App campaign was very successful in the Philippines thus far. The advertising company, OgilvyOne Worldwide, won a platinum award for “personalization” of their campaign at the 2016 AMES (Asian Marketing Effectiveness and Strategy) Awards in Singapore.

Source: YouTube

The technology was introduced at various Milo Summer Sports Clinics across the Philippines. Each child received a band and their mothers were instructed to download the app. This was a very successful tool as it encouraged the children to continue wearing the band and they later saw it as a game to reach new levels on the app and to also compete against their friends. Milo also reached a large portion of their target market through the clinics and gave back to the community.

The Milo Champions Band campaign held in Australia invited local sports personalities, such as Australian cricket player Brad Haddin to be brand ambassadors for Milo and help with hosting the sports clinics. This added a further attraction and contributed to the awareness and success of the campaign.

Source:, YouTube

The campaign’s greatest brand promotional tool was the app itself which forms part of the product and through active participation it encourages children and their parents to continually purchase Milo products to form part of the children’s nutritional lifestyle. Thus the Champions Band and App works in conjunction with all the other Milo products that already form part of the product mix Milo has to offer.

Milo also makes use of various social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook pages specific to the various regions where Milo is sold. They incorporate and communicate all their sponsored events and competitions through these social media pages. It is evident that Milo places great emphasis on their involvement in the community which is an important way of maintaining brand loyalty amongst their consumers.

Through the integration of these various promotional tools, Milo is successful in not only promoting their new Champions Band and App campaign, but also in achieving their long-term goal of creating active, healthy young individuals through the use of their beloved Milo product range.

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