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It’s not pink, it’s magenta. We’re ladies, not girls. We’re the PSO, not a res.

Equitè is a Private Students Organisation (PSO) founded in the year 2009 and is based on 6 core values: love, friendship, passion, respect, perseverance and dedication. The PSO is an organisation that is run by Stellenbosch University and prides itself in creating a culture of sisterhood and taking care of one another. Equitè falls part of the AmaMaties Cluster and co-believes in empowerment through friendship. A PSO accommodates students who do not find themselves residing in a residence and offers them the full university experience through events and socials. It is a place where you as an individual can evolve into an all-rounder, critical thinking, empowered woman in society.

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The PSO, Equitè, is a great testimony to the legacy left behind by past House Committees of traditions they have started and carried out through the years. This year, the current House Committee of 2016/2017 is humbled to continue living out this love and passion for the House. And this blog post has the honour in launching a teaser of what’s to come!

The House committee came together to compile a sneak peak for prospective sisters, current sisters and the University to see what Equitè has in store for 2017.To make this initiative social-media savvy, a campaign will be running to enhance the awareness of Equitè, benefits the PSO has to offer and what there is to get excited about for the year 2017. Equitè wings will be placed around Stellenbosch University with various house questions. The answers will only be available in this post from the 16th of September – 30th September 2016. So read up…

Twenty SevenTEASER:

  • To set the tone for the year ahead and celebrate the end of the final exams, our House, along with the MAD2 partners, will head off on an adventure for our annual Jooltoer. Here we will take part in a wide range of activities that will incorporate all the aspects of the Matie Lifestyle.
  • Welcoming week in January 2017 marks the meeting of our new sisters. A week of orientation, friendships, inclusive events, activities and critical engagements to establish the Equitè family.
Source: http://www0.sun.ac.za/equite/
  • Equitè believes in using our wings to uplift the community. A series of visits to neighbouring communities and schools in Idas Valley will be planned throughout the year to spread the Equitè love.
  • Equitès culture-scene in Matieland is adopting a new look, a new style and a whole lot of sass and attitude to match the Equitè talent.
  • This year Equitè is breaking away from the traditional KKNK tour and is proudly introducing the first ever, Equitè Getaway! An event that will allow Equitè ladies an opportunity to experience the beauty that the Cape has to offer and ‘Getaway’ from the hectic year.
  • Equitè is adding a twist to our traditional sports such as hockey, netball, tennis and table tennis. The House is striving to make every moment an adventure. This will be done by introducing mountain hikes, backpacker trips, boat rides and our very own “Equitè Woman Challenge”.
  • Seniors don’t think that you’ve been forgotten. This year the House wants to prioritise you with regular coffee dates and socials to remind you of the special place you hold in the heart of Equitè. The Second Year’s Committee applications have been sent out and traditions such as Manneveiling and Miss Equitè will be back. Mentors for 2017 have been proudly selected and as for Social Media at Equitè – this is only the beginning.

So now it’s your turn to spread the Equitè love! Pick up your selfie-game, “Wing-It” and post a photo of yourself on the Equitè Dames Facebook page or equitè_dames on Instagram. Caption your answer to the specific question followed by #Wing-it#Equitè.

A little message from the Primaria of the House for 2017, Tamika Kruger: “The team leading the House next year is equipped with love, passion, determination and the utmost perseverance for the growth and upholding of the sisterhood tradition in Equitè. Our team’s first priority is to serve our sisters. 2017 is going to be a big year for Equitè, and our team is ready to blow you away!”



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