We are three German exchange students who are spending six months abroad in Stellenbosch, South Africa. For us, driving an Audi car definitely means a lot of fun, excitement and adrenaline. But unfortunately, not everyone can experience such an adventure – to afford this kind of luxury, one needs to dig a little bit deeper into one’s pocket.

But Audi wouldn’t be Audi if they couldn’t find a solution to this problem.

In 2013 Audi launched a creative campaign in the South African market to highlight the new Audi A3 Sportback. This initiative was rewarded with the 2014 Loerie Award for an effective and creative advertising campaign. Why was this special Audi campaign so successful in South Africa?

A brief overview of Audi itself:

Audi is one of the most famous German car manufacturers. It was founded in 1909 and its
headquarters are located in Ingolstadt, Germany.

Why has Audi become such a popular brand? There are many different reasons: Audi is known for its sporty designs, its high level of innovation and performance, as well as “Advancement through Technology” which is also the well-known slogan of the brand, “Vorsprung durch Technik”.

The marketing activities of Audi are always as unique as the cars themselves. Therefore there are several sponsorship cooperations between Audi and professional sport teams in a variety of sports.

Why was this special Audi campaign so successful in South Africa and what is the campaign all about?

With the slogan “Bring the #A3 Exchange Truck to my city”, Audi launched the newcampaign-bild Audi A3 Sportback in the South African market and developed a unique approach to raise awareness. The idea is simple and absolutely brilliant, namely to increase the interaction with Audi itself. A giant truck loaded with a new A3 toured three weeks through South Africa guided by lots of tweets from willing car owners, who wished to exchange their old cars for a new Audi. Audi also advertised by means of TV spots, radio interviews and online ads to invite people to a certain microsite or mobile-optimized page. On this page people could also choose their exchange city and  could also monitor the truck’s route.

After three weeks the final city was determined and three selected finalists competed against each other in various challenges until the winner exchanged his car. To view this awesome campaign approach, click:

And who was happy to exchange their car with a brand new Audi?

In general, the campaign was aimed at every South African who was willing to exchange
their old car for the new Audi A3 Sportback. But a closer look shows that Audi probably intended to raise more than only awareness for this specific model but also brand awareness for the Audi brand as a whole. Through the innovative imagery and high performance of the brand, the target market is mostly young and middle-aged people with an above average income.

#AudiA3Exchange – Brilliant example of diversified promotion tool usage

We have chosen this specific campaign because we think Audi developed an absolutely unique idea to combine online and offline promotion tools. The combination of social media, websites, TV and radio spots on the one hand, and the real driving truck on the other is very unique.
Furthermore, the use of Twitter to guide the truck is a brilliant example of how well the interaction between consumers and a brand can work. Audi is the car one wants to have, regardless of how much you love your old car.

The outcome underlines the success of this campaign:

  • 82% wanted to change their own cars into an Audi A3 Sportback.
  • More than 10 000 entries on webpages.
  • Over 50 000 tweets.
  • Increased Twitter following by 68%.
  • R 3 116 654 earned Media.
  • Interest in A3 Sportback on the Audi website tripled.
  • More than 100 Test drives per week.

And yes, we also test-drove the car and we can say that the Audi A3 Sportback is worth exchanging your old car!



Cheers from South Africa…