Walking down the makeup aisle, mesmerized by the beauty and variety of products around you, intrigued with all the colours and shades, your heart pounding faster of excitement – just to let reality slap you in the face with your wallet.  Yes, we are all familiar with the dear, oh so dear cost of cosmetics. Being a woman is already expensive as heck by virtue of our sex, so how will we survive? Where would you get that smooth foundation, luscious mascara and kissable lipstick? Don’t stress, Essence has you covered.


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The essence of Essence


Essence was started in 2001 by a strong and fearless entrepreneurial woman, Christine, who wanted to put a twist on the basic cosmetic brand, by creating a fun , quality and affordable brand.  The brand has grown so much over the years and can be found in more than 40 countries around the world.  So what makes it so special?

Have a look:

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Essence will give you that million dollar look for a quarter of the price!  Whether you are a beauty fanatic or a first-time makeup user, essence’s treasures is there to unravel your inner make-up artist. With a wide variety of cosmetics for your face, eyes, lips and nails, essence will have you running back for more.  The ever evolving brand is always providing trending quality colour cosmetics and collections with new collections each season and sometimes even each month!  It is fun, playful and great quality.

The essence beauty philosophies that’ll make you love them more:

  • Price is not the question – Essence believes that beauty doesn’t have to cost a lot and therefore provide quality products at an affordable price.
  • They take pride in their quality and quality tests are done throughout the production process
  • Always busy developing trendy and innovative products
  • Essence is against testing on animals and doesn’t use ingredients which might be under critical review

Target market

Cosma, the brand’s poster woman, is the face of Essence.  She might entail that the branding is for young girls, but the key target market for Essence is fashion-forward women and girls ages 12 to 25.  Although Essence focuses on younger women, women of all ages love the cosmetics!  The brand aims to inspire women to express themselves through beauty and create a playful vision of beauty whether it is natural, vibrant, catwalk-inspired or seductively sexy.



Essence in Campaigning 

Essence isn’t big in traditional advertising, but is more reliable on word-of-mouth,  in-store advertising with colourful displays and detailed flyers, and the cyber world in order to get the brand out there.

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Essence isn’t just a pretty face.  Although they focus a lot on providing us with the best quality and innovative products, they are also giving back to society through some big and inspiring causes and campaigns.  These include Operation Prom, Feeding America, Dress For Success and Family to Family.  All of these causes operates to provide various resources, food, training and education to those living in disadvantaged areas or whom are in financial needs.

Although Essence is not a big ‘campaigner’, they had a few campaigns which really put this beauty bomb on the map!  These included their “5 Happy years” campaign, the Justin Bieber Believe Tour Campaign and the Pan-European twitter amplify campaign.

The campaign that had the greatest impact on Essence was the Justin Bieber Believe Tour Campaign.

It was Bieber Fever with a little Essence on the side.  The campaign did not only generate a lot of interest in the brand, but also:

  • Resulted in 263 million brand impressions,
  • 82,615 brand expressions,
  • and 35% on-site activation through social media

A comprehensive marketing plan including advertising, social media, in store graphics and coordination of product sampling was used, in addition with giving away some free tickets for the show.


May your foundation match your neck,

Concealer be creaseless, &

Winged eyeliner be sharp enough to kill.



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