Hi, I’m Daisy. I am one of the lucky 3812 Friesland cows working at Fair Cape Dairies. The day I was employed by Fair Cape was the proudest day for my family – my parents even cried when I left. Obviously tears of joy, because Fair Cape strives to ‘do the right thing’ whilst producing fresh and high quality milk. Honestly, it’s any cow’s dream job.

Fair Cape Dairies, nestled just outside Durbanville in the Western Cape, started out in the 1950’s as a humble family farm. Today Fair Cape is seen as an emerging role player in South Africa’s dairy industry, so they are definitely “doing the right thing” as their motto narrates.

Other familiar companies in South Africa’s dairy industry include Clover and Parmalat.  These larger companies differentiate and focus their brand campaigns mainly on the quality and taste of their products. Fair Cape does not use those elements as their key competitive edge, yet they still have a distinct advantage.

Fair Cape regards the production of fresh, high quality milk as their core business and allows consumers to take excellent quality and taste as a given. Therefore, they prefer to focus on their secondary elements as a differentiating factor in their marketing campaigns.

Fair Cape’s motto (Do the right thing) reflects in both their daily operations and their marketing campaigns. Whilst producing fresh and high quality milk, they look after their animals and environment. Therefore Fair Cape targets consumers who are willing to buy the sense of pride and accomplishment accompanying their products, and not just an a-moo-zing bottle of milk.

Fair Cape Dairies’ campaign approaches ‘doing the right thing’ with three pillars:

  • Environmental Welfare
  • Social Welfare
  • Animal Welfare

The introduction of the animal welfare pillar was driven by a belief that a Fair Cape cow should be a happy cow, because that is The Right Thing to Do from a moral and ethical perspective. They also understand that a happy cow is a productive cow. Fair Cape cows are treated to a life of luxury in exchange for our precious milk. We (the cows) have access to  shelter sheds, clean food and water and a vet on standby 24/7. Heaven, right?

Fair Cape cows are happy cows – especially with this amount of freedom

Fair Cape’s social welfare pillar is mainly driven by their goal to do the right thing – they address social issues in their communities as well as helping their employees. The Fair Cape Cares Foundation raises and distributes funds to four charities. All admin costs of the FCCF are paid by Fair Cape Dairies, which means all donations go straight to the charities.

The last portion of the ‘do the right thing’ campaign addresses environmental welfare. Fair Cape understands that environmental awareness plays a huge part in any business’ success, therefore extra attention is paid to sustainable farming, protecting their natural resources and reducing their carbon footprint.

Fair Cape’s “homemade” animal feed being compressed into storage for the winter months

Fair Cape was the first dairy company in Africa to publish their carbon footprint on their milk bottles. The carbon footprint is reduced by re-using water, re-using cow manure as fertilisers, producing their own animal feed instead of importing from other provinces and ensuring that the products and packaging that is returned from the market is recycled in an environmentally friendly manner.

The impact of the dairy industry on the environment:

(Video from 5050 community on YouTube)

For our Afrikaans readers:

(Video from kykNET TV on YouTube)

Fair Cape uniquely uses their products as promotional tools to spread the ‘do the right thing’ campaign, by informing and involving consumers through the packaging. Fair Cape boasts an extensive social network, providing information on their various platforms such as their Facebook page. Lastly, they have created a community blog where recipes created with Fair Cape products, charity news and more is shared.

The almost iconic image of a Fair Cape milk bottle

Fair Cape has successfully achieved their desired combination of remaining loyal to their humble beginnings as a family business, whilst creating big waves in the dairy industry. They are an extremely influential company due to their commitment to ‘doing the right thing’. Overall, Fair Cape is the cream of the crop for consumers and cows.

Make your mooove and Do The Right Thing.

Photos by Johann Minnaar