Football will never be the same… Introducing the new FIFA 17

FIFA 17 will be released in stores nationwide on 30 September 2016, with the #1sportssellinggame reaching over 20 million pre-orders already. Gaming enthusiasts will now be able to venture through a new world of virtual football with new features being introduced including FIFA 17’s:

  • The Journey
  • Ultimate team
  • Set-piece rewrite
  • Active intelligent system
  • New attacking techniques

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EA Sports: FIFA 17

EA Sports have strived to create a game that brings you the ultimate football experience right into your living room. Through years of development, they have created the world’s most sought after, realistic, sports game by applying real life characteristics to the featured players and playing styles. The FIFA franchise has become a revolutionary leader in gaming development and only continues to improve and better itself in the quest to achieve ‘realistic-like’ gaming. FIFA 17 will now introduce new in-game features which will allow for completely new techniques, game modes and playing styles which will bring a whole new level to the already loved franchise.

EA Sports have promoted their FIFA 17 campaign by focusing marketing efforts on introducing the new games modes and features. The new FIFA 17 campaign has been blown across all forms of social media and will come out with a bang when it is released later on in the month.

It aims to attract the attention of all gamers, especially football lovers, by involving current players and managers in the making and shooting of the game. This is done by using out-game face recognition and analysing player styles and techniques. EA Sports will focus their target market on gamers who are familiar with the franchise and accustomed to its specialized, unique, out-of-this-world, quality of football gaming.

FIFA 17 – The Journey

What are some of the new features you can expect in FIFA 17? Fans wouldn’t usually associate the word “story mode” with FIFA but that’s exactly what they have done. Introducing “The Journey mode” which aims to create an authentic personal gaming experience. The decision to include this mode was based on feedback from the fans. “We’d done some research with our fans and what they were telling us was that a single player narrative-driven, cinematic-style mode is something they’ve been wanting, so we knew it was something that we wanted to create.” Explained Aaron Mchardy, Lead Gameplay Producer on FIFA 17.

Improvements to the gameplay and graphics have also been done to make FIFA 17 the most realistic FIFA game ever. Credit for this can be given to FIFA 17 being the first game in the series to run on the Frostbite Engine. The Frostbite Engine allows a whole host of new features including a new Active Intelligence system, improved ball control and for players to react in a more realistic way.

Football will always be a game of opinions. Another aspect that always creates excitement and debate is the player ratings. These ratings are based on player’s performances in the various league and cup competitions over the past 365 days. You can get involved in the conversation by using the hashtag #FIFA17Ratings on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

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Kent Street playing #FIFA17



 FIFA 17: IBP Campaign

Through the use of multiple promotional tools and integrated brand personality, EA Sport were able to create a product that forced a personal relationship with their consumers, which has forged the ‘seller-buyer’ relationship that EA Sports have relied so heavily on throughout the years. The FIFA 17 campaign made use of many promotional tools including: social media sites; twitter, Facebook, Instagram; promotions; existing clubs and players promoting the product; unveiling events, radio as well as TV. IBP has been used in the campaign by introducing real-life player styles and techniques which gives the game a unique, realistic experience and allows a more in-depth, personal experience when playing. This campaign reached out to teams such as Manchester United, Juventus and Bayern Munchen.

FC Bayern Munchen powered by Frostbite. FIFA 17


Check out FIFA 17 on Instagram @FIFA17 , Facebook FIFA17 , and for more information on their website www.easports/

FIFA 17… More than just a game.


Written by: Dylan Schell, Rosco Adams, Kent Street