Its getting to that time of the year again where all the hardworking matric students burn their textbooks and come together to let their hair down and get a little wild. Rage is any matric’s dream, it’s one big student frenzy by the beach. GnG Rage gives you the experience to say goodbye to your fellow school mates, cherish your last times together, to unwind and most importantly to have one of the best experiences of your life.

(Rage Festival, 2016)

GnG Rage Events has managed to entice it’s target market for the past couple years using their extensive widespread brand exposure, superior brand and innovative marketing techniques to create a massive hype about their event. Their selected target market is young, social matric students that want to share their last memories together. GnG Promotions kicks off for 5 days at the end of each year.


It’s time to get organized and  by that I mean it’s time to stock up on booze for all you thirsty people. The nights carry on until early morning so be sure to pack  lots of:

  • Sunscreen to prevent those early morning rays from harming you when walking home at that early hour after the joll, as well as when you will be partying up a storm at our  local beach bar during the blistering hot day.
  • Make sure you dress to impress to ensure that you masculine, dangerous predators can lure your prey, (cologne helps as well).
  • Include in your final checklist some trendy sneakers for all the fellows and comfortable shoes for all the ladies as you will be wearing them down on the dance floor.
  • More importantly be sure to tick off a warm jacket to not let a potential heavy downfall stand in your way from the party.


  • Don’t get confused by hydrating with alcohol rather than water because that is just a disaster waiting to happen.
  • The next no-no goes out to all the testo-boosted males, there is a strict tolerance against fighting so keep yourselves tamed.
  • Don’t get hurt, don’t damage property and don’t not have fun!


(Rage Festival, 2016)

GnG Productions discovers success in the digital and entertainment world by taking advantage of new evolving technologies, business model innovations and changes in user behaviour to create innovative experiences. Linking on to this they have ensured that they have not missed any form of social media when advertising their event. They continue to create a high awareness of their brand, year after year through all kinds of social media. They have even invented a Rage application that gives all the necessary information once dowloaded onto your phone.

GnG Promotions is very heavily engaged with sponsorship and they require only the top trending industry brands to be a part of their event, which in terms adds to the branded image in a positive manner.


GnG Rage Festival includes the following:

  • 24 hour roaming medical team offering free, world-class support to all Ragers. Also 500 security heads and another 50 city officials from SAPS, Traffic and Fire Dept’s, no corner is left unguarded.

After the 5 day event, once the beer boeps have imploeded and the wristbrands have withered, its time to pack up those overflowing suitcases and head on home and take nothing but the memories.

Remember, what happens on rage stays on rage.


                              Rage Youtube Video

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