Have you ever wondered what you would do if you meet a lion in the wild?

GoPro and Kevin Richardson give you the answer.




Hugging lions is good breeding
As a self-taught animal behaviorist, Kevin Richardson has broken every safety rule known to man when working with lions. Flouting common misconceptions that breaking an animal’s spirit with sticks and chains is the best way to subdue them, he uses love, understanding and trust to develop personal bonds with them. This GoPro video´s first person perspective enables us to observe his treatment in the closest way possible to experience how Kevin Richardson treats the lions. His unique method of getting to know their individual personalities, what makes each of them angry, happy, upset, or irritated-just like a mother understands a child-has caused them to accept him like one of their own.

Kevin’s unique relationships with these large predators have opened many doors and captivated the imagination of many people throughout the world.  He has presented and produced several documentaries that detail his relationships with the animals and highlight the plight of lions both in captivity and in the wild. As Kevin´s sponsor, GoPro helps capturing and sharing these experiences with us due to a specific goal.


The Kevin Richardson Wildlife Sanctuary
Kevin’s purpose of his GoPro video is more than only entertaining people, its aim is namely also to create more awareness for the declining range of Lions and other African carnivores. He is the founder of the Kevin Richardson Wildlife Sanctuary, which´s mission is to provide a self-sustaining African carnivore sanctuary for the purposes of wild species preservation through education, awareness and funding, especially pertaining to the rapid decline of large carnivores in Africa due to habitat loss, human-predator conflict, unscrupulous hunting, disease and their illegal trade.
The lion population occupies less than 20% of its former range in Africa. Recently scientists have started to settle on a number of 20 000 however more research is needed into the actual numbers. If allowed to carry on declining at the current rate, we will have no lions left in the wild in as little as 20 years. It is through education that the sanctuary aims to be able to transform attitudes and misconstrued ideas of carnivores, and illuminate the desperate plight of the lion and their carnivorous cousins.


GoPro is about sharing experience
GoPro is an enterprise that has passionate ideas about what is possible in our world. It strives to enable people to share their life through photos and videos by capturing, creating and sharing their lives’ most meaningful experiences, like Kevin, with others and to celebrate them together. Therefore, GoPro is made for basically every adult: A twenty-year old that is filming his surfing experience, a family filming their holidays or a seventy-year old man that wants to capture playing golf with his friend.





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