What are the unique times in your life which make you say:
This is living“?

Since day one Corona is a Mexican beer connected with an iconic beach style, relaxed moments and having a good time. Based on this world of sand, sea and sun, Corona is currently evolving into a brand connected to special outdoor experiences with its new campaign.

The Corona brand

First let´s briefly take a look at how it all started. Corona was first brewed and bottled in Mexico in 1925, the place from which its taste and heritage come from.

Today the worldwide known beer is exported to more than 120 countries. It ranks #95 in Forbes World´s Most Valuable Brands and revenue increased remarkably by 23% in 2015.[1]

The driving force behind these achievements is Corona´s excellent marketing. What`s more is that today in 2016 we might be on the verge of Corona`s best campaign yet:

“This is living”

The universal “this is living” purpose

“This is living” is currently taking place in UK, Europe, North- South America and Asia and is signed by Wieden & Kennedy Amsterdam. But what is the ultimate goal of this global campaign?

  • Inspire people to go outside
  • Live and share more unique and special moments together
  • Learn again to appreciate time spent hanging out with your friends drinking Corona after a swim at a sunny beach. Those are the moments that make you scream: “This is living”!

The beer for millennials

We think the target market for the Corona beer can be described as millennials, also known as Generation Y with the following characteristics:

  • Young and adventurous male and female from 18 (you should not be drinking before) to 29
  • Very sociable and outdoorsy
  • Memories oriented
  • Part of a big social network community
  • Good educational background
  • Living in urban areas

As three international students from Europe currently enrolled at Stellenbosch University in South Africa we perfectly represent the target market of this campaign. The moments the pictures underneath were taken, made us stop, relax and think: “this is living”.

From the highest pub in Africa to the beaches of the Western Cape we fulfilled the true meaning of “this is living.”

Delivering the “This is living” lifestyle to the audience

The core of the latest campaign is a series of short clips. The main ones being two 60 second clips: “The Flow” and “Lime Ritual”, which are aired on TV and online.

“The Flow” portrays the “This is living” lifestyle, through showing beach life with a famous surfer riding the waves and sharing a Corona with their friends on the beach afterwards. The second clip “Lime Ritual” pays tribute to Coronas very own lime wedge ritual.

These two core clips are followed by a series of fifteen second clips that focus on the iconic Corona bottle. Each one is hosted on Coronas homepage and is played on YouTube as pre-rolls, particularly on mobile devices.

The clips successfully connect the Corona brand to memorable moments outside and they all promote the “This is living” theme.

Making the most out of social media

Corona has been promoting its campaign on facebook and instagram, the two most popular platforms among the millennials or youngsters from the generation Y. The result was a huge following on social media and an increased sense of community, strengthened by the invitation to Corona-sponsored event “SUNSETS FESTIVAL”.

Moreover, billboards in urban areas bring the campaigns lifestyle to your local bus station and sponsored blogs efficiently reach the target group online.

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The Essence of “This is living”

Corona has implemented “This is living” well and succeeded in reaching the target market through the right channels, meaning internet and mobil ads. The wide range of promotional tools perfectly work together in creating a widespread campaign exposure. Ultimately, the campaign managed to establish a solid and widespread bond between the outside and beach life and the brand Corona. Well done Corona!

In the spirit of Corona’s campaign, think of the last moment that made YOU say “this is living”, share it and let other people enjoy these moments with you!