life ♦ and ♦ coffee

It’s time to embrace the feeling.

What feeling?

The Vida e feeling of the hustle and bustle surrounding European sidewalks, where coffee culture is a way of life. They aim to bring this celebration of life to our door step with their authentic European flavour that is not just found in their coffee.



It’s unquestionable that any person you speak to, that has set foot into a Vida would’ve experienced the fun, chirpy baristas behind the counter. Their enthusiasm makes getting a coffee an experience, no longer a chore and keeps customers coming back for more. But be cautious because their vibe can be contagious.


Interaction with the brand is even easier than ever before through their Facebook page, as majority of us use social media on a daily basis, particularly Facebook as it is now a well-established platform. Vida’s Facebook page displays new campaigns, promos, competitions and what their Brand Ambassadors get up to.



Vida maintains its on trend culture with their loyalty app. Instantly connecting and informing you of fantastic deals and offers. The in store free Wi-Fi adds to their upbeat nature, allowing you to download the app in store. The app allows you to earn loyalty points with each purchase, chose a mobile payment option or make use of your loyalty balance. #VIDALOVE is about further connecting. Spread the love by sending a friend a Vida voucher via the app whilst earning loyalty points.

 “If the coffee shop you most frequent doesn’t offer you loyalty rewards, you’re not in the right coffee shop!”


A cup of coffee? Because anybody can! That’s right Suzelle DIY is one of the many brand ambassadors of Vida. You are definitely not “cooler as eke” if you are not making your daily coffee run at Vida or grabbing a nice chilled Frio like Jack Parow in the summer. These ambassadors among others can be caught sipping away their favorite Vida beverages during their busy lifestyles.



Even a healthy lifestyle needs a little caffeine. Discovery Vitality sets personalised goals for the Virgin Active gym lovers and rewards you for it with none other than an awesome cup of Vida. What could be better motivation to keep working towards that sought after summer body?



Vida’s vibrant culture does not just come across in the store vibe but also through the punch packed in every cup of coffee. Vida uses only the finest quality Arabic beans. Further adding to their obsession of coffee is their high quality equipment that is tirelessly looked after by a team of experienced technicians and baristas.


Yes, Vida is a household name to most South Africans but have you ever taken a step back to realize they don’t do any direct advertising? All of their marketing efforts are done via social media platforms, an in store magazine and their cohesive red image throughout these platforms.


  • Vibrant coffee lovers that are on the go.
  • These consumers seek quality.
  • They are willing and happy to pay a little extra for a great cup.


The Mother city strikes again having a leg up on the coffee front as Vida e caffé opened its first store on Kloof Street, Cape Town, in October 2001. The chain started as a response to the rapidly growing coffee culture in South Africa and has grown to more than 160 outlets nationwide. Needless to say the quirky city took effortlessly to the enthusiastic brand.

Coffee is now more than ever considered an art, a form of art that is appreciated by many especially when its taste is so individual.