Regular exercise is a key factor to success – especially in the business world.

We all know how important exercise is for our health and as human beings we should be exercising on a regular basis. However, the most important benefits of exercise are not just physical but mental. The significant number of successful entrepreneurs and businessmen that have placed an emphasis on how important regular exercise is to keep a healthy mind is mind boggling. Here Virgin Active prove why exercise is so vitally important. These are 5 proven reasons as to why exercise is vital in order to achieve success:

1. Boost your confidence –

You know that ecstatic feeling you get when you make your first buck, or achieve an A+ for your math’s exam, that is derived from your brain releasing a series of endorphins which supplies your body with that ‘feel good’ sensation. Exercising releases the same endorphins and this directly translates into every area of your life – making you feel more accomplished at the end of the day about everything you do. The physical changes and increased fitness levels you will notice just make you feel better about yourself and thus you feel freer to express yourself. 

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NB! People will end up taking you more seriously!

2. Overcome business challenges –

Training for a fitness challenge such as a future weight goal or a marathon helps one to re-learn the importance of goal-setting and determination. The theory behind this point is that if you can make a commitment to something that puts you out of your comfort zone and you maintain the will power to succeed you will be able to do the same in business. I urge you – next time you come across the opportunity to do a 30 km cycling race or 2 mile swim, don’t see it as a waste of time and energy – see it as an opportunity to grow and better yourself. 

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This is emphasized by Virgin’s founder Richard Branson who is constantly exercising in all the different ways that Virgin offer and more. 

3. Build your network –

Whether you working out in the gym or participating in a team sport, you will meet tons of new people and new clients or strengthen existing business relationships.  Image result for business team

Fitness challenges open up a different side to individual’s personalities and thus you learn more about that individual whilst they are under pressure as opposed to having a sit down coffee at a fancy restaurant. Virgin has over millions of members and trust me – you are guaranteed to either converse with already known colleagues or meet a ton more.

 4. Creativity –

Exercise does not only tone your muscles, but improves brain power. A 2012 study by the Montreal Heart Institute showed aerobic exercise increased cognitive function. This is because exercise increases blood flow to your brain, meaning a jog might be just what you need before a brainstorming session (Ways Exercising Can Make You a Better Entrepreneur).Image result for virgin active creativity

 However jogging is not the only activity to assist your creativity. Virgin offer numerous cardiovascular classes such as Zumba, the Grid and Yoga classes to release unwanted stress and there are many more activities available to get those creative juices flowing. 

 5. Reduces stress –

Physical activity reduces stress hormones and as already mentioned it increases the production of endorphins that give you a natural high relieving that stress. Getting in a  workout, whether before work or during the workday can allow you to approach your work with a calmer mindset (Inactivity: Why Exercise Is More Important than Ever).  

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The more stressed you are, the more unable you are to make really good, rational business decisions. This is because you are making a decision based on your emotions – learn to control your emotions. This theory is emphasized in the all best-selling book Rich Dad Poor Dad and Richard Branson’s biography.


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