Magnum’s ‘Release the Beast’ campaign in which they promote their new ice cream Magnum Double exerts power and sophistication –  and leaves no one without a desire to taste the Double flavours.

The Magnum brand
The Magnum ice cream was first launched in 1989 as a premium ice cream exclusively aimed at adults. The combination of silky ice cream and a fine Belgian chocolate coating layer became a hit and the success story of Magnum was born. Over the years the brand has grown and so has its repertoire of ice creams. Magnum is today sold all over the world and the brand includes the original Magnum, Magnum Strawberry White and the Magnum Double, amongst others.[1] The Magnum core audience is females seeking for a premium ice cream. [2]


Release the beast
The Magnum “release the beast” campaign was launched 9th of April 2016, with the estimate total cost of 13 million pound.[3] The campaign featured a collaboration with the famous model/reality star Kendall Jenner. In the epicentre of the campaign is the Magnum product, Magnum double; a velvety smooth ice cream covered in a chocolatey layer, luscious sauce, and a thick chocolate coating made with Belgian chocolate. The campaign included supermodels, wild animals and famous personalities. “Release the beast” and “dare to go double” was the slogans that created a common theme throughout the different marketing channels.


Wide platform for promotion
The campaign was delivered through visual recognition on print, OOH adverts, online commercials and TV and cinema commercials. Magnum provided a full length “release the beast” film, a “discover your beast” quiz and a link to the song by Jack White featured in the commercial. [4]

Releasing the TV advert renowned as “Release the Beast” officially launched the campaign. The attention-grabbing advert was followed subsequent promotions through social media, including Instagram, Facebook as well as Twitter. Kendal Jenner was the spokesperson of the campaign during the Cannes Festival. She was also responsible for twitter, where she had a Q&A with fans regarding her attitudes towards the campaign[5].

Interestingly, Magnum used the Promoted Moment featured in Twitter. The Moment starred Kendal Jenner in various GIFs and images from the Cannes Film Festival. During the Cannes Festival, Kendal Jenner was promoting the ice cream through dipping the ice cream at a stand named the “Magnum Dipping Bar”.[6]


The Beauty of the Beasts
The campaign involves several positive aspects. The TV advert itself focuses on the empowerment of women and promotes the beauty of diversity. The ad stars fearless and powerful women walking with powerful “beasts”, which causes the consumer to aspire towards becoming powerful. Research shows that women, generally speaking, eat more ice cream than men.[7]Targeting women by means of creating a sense of empowerment is a brilliant idea. Furthermore, the ad features diversity among women, each “type” of women is matched with a powerful beast. This essentially highlights the beauty of diversity, and how each and every women is powerful in her own way.

BLOG 2.jpg
Figure 3. “Release the Beast” TV ad. (Magnum, 2016).

Another positive aspect about the campaign is the cooperation with Shazam. As we live in a fast-paced society, people want to obtain and access information instantaneously. Enabling access to the campaign though Shazam, where the consumers can directly access the film the quiz, a descriptions of the ice creams featured in the campaign by shazaming any part of the campaign, is a very clever way to promote the brand as it establishes an interactive platform and satisfies the “I want it and I want it now” need.[8]




Which Beast suits You the best?
Dare to go double and release your inner beast with Magnum. Consider the personality traits below and leave a comment on what wild animal is your double. We dare you to share the results on facebook/instagram/twitter – to  let the world know how wild Stellenbosch really is.

  • Tiger: Typical traits of the tiger involves being strong, independent and always hungry for more challenges.

    Figure 4. “Sumatran Tiger”. (WWF, 2016)
  • Eagle: The Eagle is known for its fearlessness towards predators and prey, and has an excellent eye for detail. 
  • Shark: Living in the deep dark waters, the shark has developed extreme conscientiousness and roams the sea with aplomb. 
  • Leopard: The leopard is known for its grace and beauty and for being very strategic in demanding situations. 
  • Wolf: The wolf thrives in a pack and it is known as the team-player. When the team is struggling the wolf will become an excellent pathfinder.
  • Buffalo: With its majestic, somewhat intimidating, appearance, the Buffalo is a powerful player on the savannah.  
  • Lion/Lioness: As the royalty of the animal kingdom, the Lion/Lioness is known to be fierce and tireless.


Share your double!





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