Gloss, matt, smooth or silky. Lips are not just a canvas to be painted on. They are worth a 1000 words both spoken and … unspoken.

Meet the Brand



L’OREAL PARIS is the biggest global brand in the world selling innovative and high-quality products from the four major beauty categories, namely hair color, cosmetics, hair care and skin care.






One core element that is evident in all their activities and products is their dedication to celebrating the diversity of beauty and the intrinsic worth of every woman. This is highlighted by their “Because You’re Worth It” tagline, which has had a powerful effect ever since its establishment in 1973. Not only does it have a positive connotation, but it is recognised by approximately 80% of all women.

What is #WorthSaying


The #Worthsaying campaign was L’OREAL PARISway of putting the slogan ‘Because You’re Worth It’ into action by fueling the words of women all over the world. They encouraged women, on and off the red carpet, to share what they believed was truly worth saying, proving that a woman’s lips can be bold in more than one way.

Launched at the 2016 Golden Globes, this campaign gave accomplished and empowering female celebrities a platform to seize control of the conversations surrounding the event. A consistent pattern has developed over the years where women were predominantly asked the o-so familiar “who are you wearing” question opposed to the career-related questions that were asked to men.


The #WorthSaying campaign was launched to break this trend by pointing the conversations in a meaningful direction. Women were given a chance to speak out about their careers, important issues and other truly meaningful topics.

Posts and Conversations on twitter regarding this campaign were then converted into advertisements and shared on various media platforms. Not only did this campaign highlight many issues surrounding modern society, but was a means of propelling the new cultural shift on defining true beauty. Some tweets mentioned during this campaign were:

“A woman can dress modestly and still be beautiful, trendy and expressive.” – Alice MacMillan


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“I want every little girl who’s bossy to be told instead that she has leadership skills.” – Sheryl Sandberg

The success behind the campaign


Karen Fondu, the president of L’OREAL PARIS highlighted the purpose of the #Worthsaying campaign as “fueling the powerful words of women everywhere, so their most-worthy conversations reach, effect and inspire as many other women as possible.” Studies have found that three out of four women agreed that powerful and motivating words give them a strong sense of self-worth. In this campaign, L’OREAL PARIS encouraged women to not only speak up, but gave them a chance to be heard.

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This campaign truly proved L’OREAL PARIS dedication towards promoting women’s worth, by highlighting the distorted perception of what true beauty is. The #WorthSaying was their public exemplification of the fact that a women’s worth isn’t founded in her appearance, but that her appearance is only an enhancement thereof. 



 To roll up the red carpet

L’OREAL PARIS has worked extremely hard to bring women together and make their voices heard. In doing this the morale and perception of women worldwide has been enhanced, proving that woman are not just an advertising poster picture or a photo for men to gawk over. The reason for all this time and effort spent on  L’OREAL PARIS’ consumers can be answered by these simple four words Because they’re worth it!