YT have been setting the scene for the release of a something quite extraordinary. “I hate JEFFSY” can be a heart-breaking statement about any new release. However, YT have been throwing this around a lot in their campaign and it’s caused quite the stir. It’s a bike that looks to destroy old notions within the industry as well as opening the customers up to a new consumer base.

JEFFSY undoubtedly caught the attention of most as it was a very strange name to be assigned to a bike. Who or what is JEFFSY? JEFFSY is a 140mm 29er that focuses on delivering a wild ride for his new best friend. This bike is focused at any trail blazer or ‘want to be’ trail blazer that simply just wants the comforts of an enduro but still wants to shred the trails.

There is a legendary trail builder from the steep, wooded hillsides and valleys of South wales is where the unique name for the bike hails. However, his actual identity is unknown but this provides a sense of mystery about the ‘new release’.

YT have successfully produced the most hated bike among girlfriends, worldwide. JEFFSY doesn’t just turn heads because of its elegant and sleek look but for the way it defies gravity and makes even the nastiest rock gardens and roots look like a walk in the park. This trail bike that feels and rides like an enduro bike and is set to revolutionise the mountain biking industry.


What makes JEFFSY the boss of gravity bikes? Easy, it’s geometry.

The comfort JEFFSY provides is all thanks to its wide cockpit which provides maximum and the 29 inch wheels and the perfectly balanced frame allow the rider a central position on the bike that will provide ultimate comfort, even in the worst conditions. JEFFSY, he has got your back.

JEFFSY has its perfectly balanced geometry and weight distribution to thank for its agility and playfulness. The low stand over height allows the rider to perform the mot epic manoeuvres. The customised rear for each individual frame allows all riders to enjoy the perfect weight distribution JEFFSY offers.

JEEFSY is the perfect wing man. He will turn heads in any environment. YT designers changed the game when designing the proportions on JEFFSY. This masterpiece, with its perfectly crafted frame and the compact silhouette result in an epically proportioned bike that trumps all the others in the market. So don’t think, do! Your new best friend is waiting for you.

Safety always matters even if the die-hard JEFFSY riders don’t look like they it does. Once again, JEFFSY has your back. The cockpit was especially designed with the rider’s safety in mind. The wide cockpit allows the rider to be balanced towards the centre of the bike which gives the rider more control which ultimately leads to a greater sense of confidence. Yes, safety equals confidence and confidence equal’s gnarly airs and insane manoeuvres!