The myth that donation leads to infertility has scared many away from the prospect of donating, but what people don’t realise is that you can either lose eggs through menstruation, or donate the eggs you would lose and bless someone with the gift of life.

At Nurture, a process is undergone whereby we extract the twenty eggs that would be flushed through menstruation, and stimulate them so as to prepare them for fertilisation. A great deal of care is also taken when finding the correct match between donors and recipients.

  • First of all, a thorough screening process ensures that only the fittest candidates are chosen to donate.
  • A great deal is also done to ensure the personality of the child will match the personality of the recipient. Due to the fact that science has proven that the personality of a child is based more off of nature than nurture, we attempt to, as far as possible, match the personality desires of the recipients to the respective traits of the donors.

One of the most common requested personality traits is high levels of intelligence, and for this reason the most sought after donors are those with higher levels of education. As a way of both stimulating the supply to these requests and helping university students pay for their tuition or textbooks, students are asked to donate with the benefit of receiving a R7000 cash incentive for their time and efforts. There is also a R500 incentive for those people who refer people to donate at Nurture.

The donation process is also completely cost free to donors, and although the donation process takes around two to three months, only about two weeks of that consists of active participation.

The biggest incentive, however, would be that you would be providing a someone with their own opportunity to start their very own family, and give them the joy a child can bring.

As people have begun using technology and social media more, traditional advertising has become far less popular. We have therefore decided to place a greater focus on getting people speaking, through both word of mouth and through social media.

So where have you seen us?

  • We have employed students across all main universities to go out and inform their fellow students of what donating is all about.
  • We have many ads on google that pop up when keywords are searched.
  • We share posts on multiple forms of social media.
  • Our incentives program has caused many people to happily refer us doing an ordinary conversation.
  • All well known local clinics will refer us.
  • Our posters can be seen on university campuses as well as hospitals around South Africa.

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