You know it. I know it. It’s what the people want.

After a long day of lectures, you’re craving only one thing: good, wholesome and tasty food but you know for a fact that you can’t flame-grill a chicken to save your life. There’s only one place you can trust: Nandos. #Nandos4Stellies


Fernando Duarte, an expat from Porto, Portugal and Robert Brozin worked together in Duarte’s father’s electronics business whereby Duarte worked in management and Brozin in marketing – killer combination, right?

In 1987, a hungry Duarte decided to take his friend and colleague, Brozin to a chicken restaurant called ‘Chickenland’ in Rosettenville, a suburb of Johannesburg. Brozin was so in awe with the restaurant’s flame grilled chicken that he suggested that pair of them buy the restaurant (casual).

Fast forward to 1991 and you have a globalized franchise with 1000 outlets in 30 countries worldwide, making Nandos South Africa’s most successful restaurant group export. (GO SA GO).

How do they add the spice?

Early on Nando’s adopted its mantra of not being just about the chicken, but the chicken embodying the five core values of:

  • pride
  • passion
  • courage
  • integrity
  • family

But at the end of the day when we think of Nando’s we think: ‘Yoh, their adverts are funny’. Although Nando’s has become a controversial voice of the South African people, we love Nando’s because they connect with their consumers by commenting and integrating themselves into the most relevant conversation in an INCREDIBLY entertaining way. Seriously. If you haven’t seen one yet (shame), here’s some of the best:


And yes, these adverts land them in trouble (almost always), but there’s a method to their madness. Here’s where their genius kicks in: Once something is banned, it becomes controversial and sought after. They not only create a conversation but immediately associate themselves with the most relevant topic of debate or interest in SA.

You’ll find it hard to keep even the Sheeran away from his Peri-Peri.

So, Whats The Latest?

 Where they came from, to Nando’s, is equally important as to where their brand is going. Therefore, to celebrate their 25th birthday, they ran a series of adverts celebrating reasons why they love South Africa.

They’ve won numerous advertising awards and in March 2013 they were awarded the Creative Circle Ad of the Year award in the film category for the Diversity TV advert, which was created by creative agency, Black River FC.

The combination of popularity, good food and loyal customers promoting their brand on various social media platforms, is certainly working well for Nando’s, and they look set to grow into an even bigger success story, with many more entertaining advertising campaigns along the way.


The Campaign: Fire It Up

 This has been the tagline for several of Nandos’ adverts for the past few months, referring not only to their chicken but also the heated topics they choose to associate and integrate themselves with. It is repeated and use through each medium of advertisement.


Their target market? Basically any chicken aficionado with a good sense of humour. But to be more specific, they are targeting the generation X and Y demographic. Their content is just tailored around it. Their social media engagement with Millennials is paralleled only with possibly ‘The Kiffness’, which makes them accessible and relevant.

The promotion tools are wide reaching through many mediums such as tv, radio, print media and social media. However, their biggest tool is word of mouth based on the buzz and general reactions to their advertisements. Because this promotes and spreads a message about their brand on a personal level.

Furthermore, each campaign at the end of the day often brings up a salient and worthwhile issue to the fore to create a social discourse and discussion.

Without further adieu, here it is. Released during election season, this was on everyone’s minds.