When moving to new places you start realizing you take your home country for granted. Even in the flat, boring Netherlands there are still things to discover. You just have to open your view to those opportunities.

After being in South Africa for 2 months now we heard many beautiful and interesting stories about Holland. Things we even did not know. Some see Holland as a promised land, a country where everything is possible. When we change our attitude and try to get an open view to look at Holland we can see again the beauty in the small things it has. For example, while we were driving an Uber home, we spoke to the driver who spoke about Holland in an admiring tone. She taught us that Holland has a “small Venetia-like village” and are doing innovative project on elderly care. Fellow students praise the summer festivals they had experienced close to our home, while we can barely remember a time where we celebrated the summer in the Netherlands.

The campaign of “Holland. The original cool.” portrays exactly this and provokes similar feelings to us. Holland is being shown from a point of view we never saw ourselves. The campaign focuses on the new and the traditional and explains how modern trends are a norm in the Netherlands. A simple example is the realization that cycling is the norm in the Netherlands, while this is only being done by the progressive eco-friendly abroad.

By promoting the traditional we are urged to open up our eyes especially to those things that we have started taking for granted, for example the canals of Amsterdam. The new shows us places of the Netherlands where we ourselves have not even heard of ourselves before, for example the Light Festival in Amsterdam.

stock-photo-beautiful-amsterdam-76796579Source: http://www.lonelyplanet.com

The fresh and modern approach can even be recognized in the medium itself. By using a vlog-style video series they show the Holland experience from the point of view of the visitor. While many brands that are using social media are still stuck in the like, share and win paradigm, this campaign takes on a very popular uprising style of educating the public about their brand with videos that can even be enjoyable to watch.

They also promote the diversity of the Netherlands and the accessibility of this diversity – the small distances between quite different provinces are especially unique. These are aspects of Holland‘s approach that are easily forgotten about and seriously enlarge their potential visitors group. The Netherlands can easily be explored by everyone and open up new experiences for you, no matter where you come from, including the Dutch themselves.

Holland is definitely a destination to add to your wish list. This campaign showed us that we can even use our explorative mindset that we have in beautiful South Africa in our own country. Never stop exploring!


See you in Holland (and feel welcome to come couchsurfing in Amsterdam)!!